Google Export Planning Tool: Market Your Product Abroad

Any experienced PPC Account Manager or PPC Advertiser knows that one of the most important things to consider when creating a PPC campaign is the demographic of your target audience. Demographics play a crucial role in the creation of advertisement text, keyword development and advertisement placement. Therefore, if thinking about expanding the product sales of your business to other countries, an entirely new PPC campaign should be created. This is where the Google Export Planning Tool comes into play.

The Google Export Planning Tool: An Overview

It can be very difficult to market a product for an overseas audience, particularly if there are language barriers in place. Therefore the use of the Google Export Planning Tool, which is still in the BETA testing stage at Google, is an option that could prove to be very helpful indeed. It is a fairly simple tool to use in practice and has the ability to present estimations of traffic, search volumes and the CPC of different advertisements based on the data that you enter when beginning to plan to market abroad. (more…)