Tips for Lawyers to Market their Law Firms to the Local Client

If you are a US lawyer, particularly if you are a relatively small firm and if you concentrate on working with clients in your local area, you need to learn how to improve the “local” aspect of your online marketing campaign to encourage potential clients online to find your law firm and choose to contact your law firm based on the “local” factor.

Webrageous, an expert in online marketing for lawyers, shares the following tips with you here today to help you refine the way in which you target your local audience via online marketing.

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1. Choosing an image for local listings

If you advertise in any of the online listing sites for local businesses you need to choose an image for your law firm that is going to stand out and attract attention amongst the crowd. You need to choose an image that will really relate to locals, but will also make the branding of your law firm clear. (more…)