How Can You Get the Best Marketing for Lawyers?

What is the best way for lawyers to market their services? What is the most effective way for them to draw in more clients and build their businesses?

Is word of mouth the best marketing for lawyers?

Word of Mouth is one option that comes into mind when going after the best marketing for lawyers. When someone is looking for a lawyer and they receive a recommendation from a friend or colleague, the effect is substantial and it is normally enough to make that potential client contact the lawyer in question.

best Marketing for Lawyers

However, the problem with Word of Mouth Marketing for Lawyers is the fact that it doesn’t happen very often. How many times is that person going to naturally recommend your legal services? Probably not very many and therefore this form of Marketing for Lawyers is not really that effective when you begin to consider the overall perspective.

Are emails and newsletters the best marketing for lawyers?

Some law firms rely on marketing via the use of emails and e-newsletters. This kind of marketing allows law firms to concentrate their efforts on their desired target audience, as they can ensure that their marketing lands in their potential clients’ inboxes. However, is Marketing for Lawyers via emails and e-newsletters very productive? Not really.
This kind of legal marketing doesn’t work because if someone needs a lawyer they are going to go looking for one. If a bunch of marketing emails lands in the inboxes of random but possible future clients, little is likely to be done about the matter. It’s more likely that your lawyer marketing email would be sent straight into the online trash can.

The Best Marketing for Lawyers

So, what kind of lawyer marketing does work? What kind of marketing for law firms is the kind of marketing worth investing into all year round? Can marketing for lawyers be successful and is it worth the manpower that it takes to get going and keep going for years to come? What is the best marketing for lawyers?
Marketing for Lawyers can be very productive if you are advertising via Google AdWords Pay Per Click, and you are simultaneously taking advantage of Paid Search conditions as well as the Display Network arena.
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Law Firms and Click to Call Google AdWords Advertisements

It is a well known fact that law firm pay per click via Google AdWords benefits businesses the most when campaign landing pages clearly display telephone numbers to all their interested online customers.

An internet user looking for a lawyer is more likely to convert via the telephone than they are by filling in a contact form online. Webrageous Studios knows this to be a fact having worked so diligently on law firm pay per click over the past 13+ years on their pay per click advertising campaigns.

Therefore, in the growing climate of mobile networks and people browsing the Internet via their cell phones whilst on the bus to and from work, one thing that law firm pay per click should always be taking advantage of without a doubt is Click to Call Google AdWords advertisements.

What is Click to Call?

The idea of Click to Call for law firm pay per click is fairly simple.

Click to Call Google AdWords advertisements are special types of pay per click advertisements offered by Google to advertisers promoting via the mobile internet network.

Instead of a URL at the bottom of the advertisement, which takes the internet user to a landing page on a website, the law firm pay per click advertiser places a telephone number at the bottom of their advertisement. Google AdWords will charge you every time someone clicks on the number, just like any other pay per click advertisement.

The internet user clicks on the telephone number and their mobile phone calls your office in order to speak with you and, hopefully, convert.

Understanding the Benefits of Click to Call Google AdWords Advertising

Click to Call is a superb feature for law firm pay per click because people looking for lawyers want to talk to their potential lawyer.

Added to this fact, we know that more and more people are doing their internet browsing via cell phones in today’s world. This internet browsing includes the search for an appropriate lawyer. Click to Call Google AdWords advertising then becomes the perfect feature for law firm pay per click.

Therefore, cash in on this gradually expanding target audience. Give people looking for legal support exactly what they need at the touch of a button and start using Click to Call Google AdWords advertising as part of your law firm pay per click campaign.

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