Tackling Pay Per Click Fraud

Since Pay Per Click Advertising has become recognized as one of the quickest, easiest and most successful forms of online advertising, it is only natural that Pay Per Click Fraud would also spike. 
According to online ad-tracking firm Click Forensics, fraudulent clicks on legitimate online advertisements rose to 22.3% in the third quarter of last year, up from 14.4% in the previous quarter.money hook
There is fear that Click Fraud is eroding the credibility of Internet-based advertising. Even more worrying to most advertisers is the fact that 20% of the amount a company spends on Pay Per Click Advertising could be going down the drain thanks to fraudulent activity.
A lot of this fear is generated by a swarm of recent media attention, which has hyped up the problem into one of the latest online epidemics.
But is the problem as great as it is believed to be? Pay Per Click consultants Webrageous Studios has found that Click Fraud is actually very infrequent and tends to appear in large accounts every few years. But because such a close eye is kept on its accounts, Invalid Clicks are able to be stopped as soon as they have begun. (more…)