Great News for Advertisers: Internet Users Mute Google Display Advertisements

Wait a minute! How can it be that giving Internet users the option to mute or turn off my advertisements is a good thing?

Stop thinking about things from the advertiser’s perspective and consider them from the consumer’s point of view. When you have more control over what you buy and the level of advertising you are bombarded with on the Internet, the better you feel.

Imagine signing up to an e-newsletter that you cannot unsubscribe from. Imagine how irritating it would be to keep receiving an email from a company that you had no interest in. Imagine how annoyed you would become with that company and imagine all the terrible things you might end up saying about them to friends, family and other random people on the Internet.

Giving consumers more control over the advertising that they are presented with is one of the best ideas Google has put in place over the past two months because it gives consumers peace of mind and advertisers a much better chance at controlling advertising spend and increasing sales at the same time. (more…)