6 Top Tips to Make that Paid Search Marketing Home Run

Paid search marketing is just like baseball in many ways?


You’re searching for a winning formula to give that home run (conversion) and if possible to get that home run every single time.

Just in the same way that a home run in baseball depends on a number of different things (for example, the speed at which you follow through with the bat, the kind of contact you make with the ball, in which direction you decide to send the ball and how fast you are able to run, not to mention how good the opposing team is at baseball and whether they are good enough to out-do you), paid search marketing relies on a number of different factors for a successful conversion to take place.

In today’s post, the paid search marketing experts at Webrageous lay down their bets on the following 6 most important elements of a paid search marketing home run. If you can get the following 6 factors in place every time you make a play for that conversion, you should be home and dry before the other team (other pay per click advertisers) even get a chance to get that ball back into play. (more…)