Paid search marketing is just like baseball in many ways?


You’re searching for a winning formula to give that home run (conversion) and if possible to get that home run every single time.

Just in the same way that a home run in baseball depends on a number of different things (for example, the speed at which you follow through with the bat, the kind of contact you make with the ball, in which direction you decide to send the ball and how fast you are able to run, not to mention how good the opposing team is at baseball and whether they are good enough to out-do you), paid search marketing relies on a number of different factors for a successful conversion to take place.

In today’s post, the paid search marketing experts at Webrageous lay down their bets on the following 6 most important elements of a paid search marketing home run. If you can get the following 6 factors in place every time you make a play for that conversion, you should be home and dry before the other team (other pay per click advertisers) even get a chance to get that ball back into play.

Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics = Conversions

If you want to see big improvements and big pay offs from your paid search marketing, you have to track who is converting, when and why and you must use Google Analytics every day as a way of fine tuning your campaigns with care and know-how.

When a baseball player is preparing to be able to hit that home run every time, he needs to know what factors both help him and hinder him to do so, which is why he goes to training and has a coach by his side.

Think about Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics as your paid search marketing coaches which reveal your strengths and weaknesses for you to use at will to your advantage.

Keywords galore = Conversions

Keywords in your advertisements are not enough on their own. You then need to have keywords on your landing page and keywords embedded in your website and keywords in your contact form page. You essentially need a trail of keywords all leading to the same place and referring to the same things.

The tighter your choice of keywords, the better your chances of conversion. This is why baseball players get better with practice. They have to keep swinging at the ball and hitting the ball in practice time so that it becomes like second nature. The more they do the same thing over and over again, the easier it is to hit that home run.

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The more you use the same keywords, the easier it is to snare in your audience and get the conversion from your paid search marketing campaign that you have been looking for.

Bigging up your best deal = Conversions

If your best deal is a 50% discount offer, then focus on marketing that and keep things very specific.

When a baseball player knows that he scores most of his home runs when hitting to the right, he hits to the right whenever he can. He plays to his strengths and hopes that the opposition don’t get wind of his plan and start planning a counter-attack to push him to swing to the left.

If your 50% discount offer is the best that you have, use it. Focus on it, sell it, market it like mad and this will turn your paid search marketing campaign into a converting winner every single time.

Testing your copy = Conversions

A team of baseball players would never go out to play a match, friendly or otherwise, without a practice; without training. Neither should the paid search marketer attempt to get a conversion without testing his or her paid search marketing campaign beforehand.

In fact, testing should happen at all times. You test, you try, then you test again and then you try something us. Paid search marketing is all about experimenting until you find something that works for you and something that will secure your home run; your conversion as regularly as possible.

Finding niche keywords = Conversions

What makes a baseball player great? What sets one baseball player apart from any other? What makes that baseball player memorable and at the top of his field?

Niche! Difference! A specific je ne sais quoi!

So, does your business have a special something to advertise via paid search marketing? If it does, leap onto it as soon as possible. Dig deep, find your special quality and take advantage of the niche keywords that others won’t be bidding on and which we come at a lower price as a result.

Stand out from the crowd and be remembered for your paid search marketing campaign. Branding comes is cute, niche packages!

Investing in success = Conversions

The final thing which makes a baseball player great, the final thing which helps to drive that baseball player on to scoring home runs in every single game, is the investment that they make into their success.

If something is good in your paid search marketing campaign, invest more time and money into it. Give it more importance and see what happens. Investing in paid search marketing success creates more paid search marketing success and more conversions by default.

Successful baseball players demand more money as their success develops. Your paid search marketing campaign demands the same kind of treatment when it starts to work for you. Invest now means payback in the future. Take the plunge. Go for it!

Don’t forget that you can contact Webrageous, the paid search marketing specialists about this post or anything else concerned with your paid search marketing at any time for a no obligation assessment of your conversion rate and how to start taking things onto the next level.

We are looking forward to hearing from you today.