How Useful is Google + for Online Paid Advertisers?

Google +. What is all the fuss? Is it a useful networking tool for online advertisers? If so, how useful?

Google + is going to be very useful to online paid advertisers in the future for one specific reason… The way in which it helps to create circles of contacts that are clearly divided into specific groups and demographics which will make targeting potential customers that much easier.

What is Google +?

Google + is the social networking idea created by the masterminds at Google. It comes complete with a variety of different features which make it an excellent resource for advertisers of many diverse businesses who want to expand on their paid online advertising and reach out via social networking too.

The most important feature of Google + that makes it slightly different to other social media networks (such as Facebook and LinkedIn, for example) is the feature known as Google Circles. This feature allows you to link your contacts in “circles” so that they can be organized by Friends, Work Colleagues, People of Love the Same Music as You, etc.

“Circle” titles are up to you and you simply drag and drop your contacts into the different groups so that it makes sharing information with each group that much quicker and better targeted. The targeting nature of Google Circles is what makes it such a useful tool for online marketing campaigns. (We discuss this in depth further on in the article).
In addition to Google Circles, Google + gives the user the following: (more…)