Guess What? Google Ignores Bad Links!

You might be penalized for buying links or organizing any kind of venture which culminates in what Google describes as a “bad link,” but the newest news on Google’s approach to linking is that not all bad links will end up damaging your site’s rating or quality score.
Why? How? When? What!

Google states that it ignores bad links

You did read correctly. Google has recently gone on record for saying that website owners don’t have to worry about every single bad link that they might have associated with their site as, in actual fact, Google is sometimes in the habit of simply ignoring bad links and moving on. Google ignores links on, for instance, which as most people are aware is considered to be the source of a bad link.
Therefore, even though good links and bad links do exist, website owners don’t need to be so worried about the bad links that they have driving traffic towards their sites from now on. Google has spoken and confirmed its stance on the matter quite clearly. (more…)