Google AdWords Video Preview: An Overview

google adwords video previewIn general, the internet audience prefers to watch and listen to videos than read articles. In our visually influenced society (film, TV and online internet channels being some of our favorite past times), businesses that are still not making full use of video as a way of advertising their services or products are going to continue to fall even further behind their competitors.
Indeed, it is not only important to incorporate video into your Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign, but it is important to incorporate video into your website and to promote your online profile in general.
Most human beings love video and as your target audience is definitely going to be human, video must form a significant part of your business online. Just look at the success of YouTube, one of the biggest and most visited websites in the world.
Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertisers must tap into this video-loving audience in order to stay one step ahead of advertising competitors. For this reason, Webrageous Studios wants to draw your attention to the Google AdWords Video Preview feature. (more…)