How will the new Google venture known as “Art, Copy and Code” benefit PPC Advertisers?

“Art, Copy and Code” is Google’s new project which marries the classic storytelling rich in human insights with today’s highly technological digital advertising.

jumping“Art, Copy and Code” benefits PPC advertisers in crucial ways.  It can provide a higher visibility rate for PPC advertisements, drive large qualified traffic to a site, which thereby increases the site’s click-through-rate resulting in a higher Quality Score.

PPC is purely built on data, tools and software. With “Art, Copy and Code” PPC advertisers can utilize the intelligence of Google AdWords, and at the same time bank on what is real, what could touch the audience and what could really grab the audience.

Having both forms of advertising working together, Google provides an all new platform which PPC advertisers can utilize. (more…)

New Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool

google adwords quality score tracking toolChris Thunder is the founder of TenScores, a new pay per click management tool. It is a Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool for your pay per click advertising campaigns. When used the right way, it will eventually help you get more out of your online advertising budget.

Discovering the New Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool

The new Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool looks like it can become an absolute winner with pay per click advertisers who have campaigns with Google AdWords. It enables you to monitor that element which, until now, advertisers have not been able to monitor in any way.
The Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool is already available to users, but is still in its early stages of development. Now that Chris Thunder knows that the tool is useful and in demand by many pay per click advertisers, he and his team have decided to continue working on developing further features that they want the tool to offer in order to make the lives of pay per click managers even easier. (more…)