“Art, Copy and Code” is Google’s new project which marries the classic storytelling rich in human insights with today’s highly technological digital advertising.

jumping“Art, Copy and Code” benefits PPC advertisers in crucial ways.  It can provide a higher visibility rate for PPC advertisements, drive large qualified traffic to a site, which thereby increases the site’s click-through-rate resulting in a higher Quality Score.

PPC is purely built on data, tools and software. With “Art, Copy and Code” PPC advertisers can utilize the intelligence of Google AdWords, and at the same time bank on what is real, what could touch the audience and what could really grab the audience.

Having both forms of advertising working together, Google provides an all new platform which PPC advertisers can utilize.

Connecting Objects and Film Making for the Web

Connecting objects and Film Making for the Web are two concepts introduced through Google’s “Art, Copy and Code”.

Through a talking sneaker, Google was able to create an advertisement that will surely generate interesting commentaries from users. As more and more activities happen on the site where this talking sneaker was uploaded, PPC advertisers are provided with more and more advertisement spaces, hence more visibility and possible clicks. More of these types of videos will be released by Google in the future.

Although Google has not launched a video to demonstrate the Film Making for the Web just yet, it included this concept because it has been proven time and again that users are enthusiastic to watch and share content that grabs their attention. In the same ways as the talking sneakers can prompt a large number of activities for a particular website, a film can very well do the same or even double the users’ activity. And as mentioned above, activities on the web create more venues for PPC advertisers to show their advertisements.

Adopting Classic Storytelling

Classic storytelling is marked by deep sense of human insights appealing purely on emotions. TV commercials with rich human insights reigned the advertising industry years ago. The classic storytelling sets the standards of compelling and unforgettable advertisements and in fact shaped advertising to what it is today as demonstrated with Google’s Project RE: Brief.

Years passed and this type of storytelling was exceeded by digital forms of advertising purely built on graphic and technological advancements but does not go deeper into the human experience. Digital advertising is perhaps somewhat cold and distant, but is has been equally effective as a means of promoting a product. Combining these two seemingly separate platforms of advertising is what “Art, Copy and Code” is all about. In order to launch its experiment effectively, Google produced videos combining both storytelling and technology.

PPC advertisers can follow suit and can now fashion image and text advertisements by how “Art, Copy and Code” did with their launching videos.

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For example, if one PPC advertiser is running a campaign about a dog food, instead of just showing a dog with his food in a bowl, he or she can get images that first tell a story of the relationship of the dog and his owner.

The pictures could be arranged chronologically:

  • The first picture could show the time when the owner got a puppy and the owner took care of it.

  • The second picture could show the time when the puppy is already fully grown into a dog but its owner has to go away for college.

  • The last picture could show the time when  the owner is already old and the dog has to guide him or her in walking.

This image advertisement can then have a text which reads: “Best friends Forever” with a display URL leading to the website of the dog food product. Now the effect of this emotionally appealing image advertisement does not just stop with one particular user clicking the advertisement. If this image advertisement really appeals tohim or her, most likely the user will share it.

More sharing means more users seeing the advertisements and more customers buying the product hence more successful PPC campaigns.

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