Google AdWords Click Fraud – Are You Sure?

Do you think you might have been a victim of click fraud on Google AdWords? Are you sure?

While there are some people that experience click fraud, there has been a lot of evidence recently that suggests it is not as big a problem as some people might think. What’s more, there is also evidence that suggests that a lot of the time click fraud is blamed for what is actually just poor pay per click management.

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Suspected Google AdWords click fraud could just be a poorly managed campaign

A lot of people suspect click fraud but in fact it does not happen that often. What might look like spikes in click numbers on Google AdWords versus the number of conversions could actually be the result of a poorly managed campaign rather than click fraud.

That is why it is important to have an expert in click fraud handling your pay per click campaigns. They will not be able to look out for Google AdWords click fraud and find out if it is actually click fraud, but they will also be able to properly manage your campaign so that your cost per conversion decreases. (more…)