The most important thing to remember about a customer, whether they are an online PPC customer or a flesh and blood customer standing in your shop, is that they have the potential to be loyal.

In fact, this rule goes a lot, lot deeper. The PPC customer WANTS to be loyal. They are looking for a brand that they can trust and go to time and time again. They want to buy the same product because they already know that it works and they know where their hard earned money will be well spent.


Because PPC customers are also human beings and human beings like to form bonds; to be part of a group. Remember the days when gym class was on the timetable? It was SO important to be selected for the team and not to be left as the last person in the line-up. Being the last person to be chosen in gym class meant that you weren’t part of anything; nobody wanted you in their gang.

Lots of PPC blogs and websites talk about the “X-Factor” concerning the human element in PPC Advertising as a negative thing. Lots of PPC Managers and SEO experts write about how difficult it is to account for the fact that online consumers are human and therefore do not always respond to PPC Advertisements in predicted manners.

This human element does not have to be seen negatively. Nor does it have to be seen as a difficult obstacle to overcome regarding your PPC Campaign. Indeed, far from it. The human element in a PPC customer is what will make them loyal to your brand and make them ignore all other offers from competing brands if you manage your advertising correctly.

Think about yourself as a consumer for a while. What do you do when you go food shopping? Granted there is a portion of society that you see wandering aimlessly down the aisles, looking at every product on sale and reading all the information about that product in comparison to the next one on the shelf in minute detail, but this kind of consumer is NEVER going to be loyal anyway. They would sell you out in an instant and are always looking to better what they have.

The majority of consumers in a supermarket know exactly where to go to the find the products that they came in to buy and in general the weekly shopping basket of the average human being includes the same items and, more importantly, the same brands too.


Because we trust those brands. We know that they deliver to us what we need from experience and at some point in the past we already did our research into that product and, quite frankly, we don’t have the time, interest or energy to keep investigating new brands that come onto the market because it’s dead time. The brand we have been buying for years is still as good as it was the first time. Why change?

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Women buy the same perfume, men buy the same deodorant, children buy the same chocolate bars and mothers buy the same diapers for their babies. The list is endless.

So… how do you make your PPC Branding Campaign so effective that you encourage and win the loyalty of the human PPC customer for life? Webrageous Studios reveals some PPC Branding Campaign Loyalty Tips