PPC Branding Campaign Loyalty Tips

Picture this…

A mother walks into a supermarket to do the weekly shop and she wanders up and down the aisles placing item after item into the cart without looking. She appears almost like a zombie or a machine, not even needing to look at the shelves to see what she is picking up because she already knows what she is looking for and where this supermarket stores what she needs.

She has become a loyal customer to her brands. She has no interest in what is new on the market, whether it be better or not, because she is already happy with what she buys and thinking about new product lines will only slow her down. She has far too much to do in her day. It is better to just load up the usual, pay at the cashier and get the hell out of there!

How do you create loyal PPC customers like her? How do you ensure that your Mom always buys your brand of diaper, perfume, chocolate cookie or breakfast cereal?

The most interesting thing about the answer to the above questions is that achieving the above is not that difficult.

It’s not that difficult because the PPC customer is a human being and human beings WANT to be loyal. Loyalty is part of our human nature. We are searching for the product and brand to which we can be loyal. We LOVE to be a part of something, to be included, to be one of the gang.

Consider popular human loyalty-loving behavior patterns. Human beings love to do the following…

  • Support a sports team from any major sport
  • Join a club, gym or regular class of some kind
  • Drink in the same bars and coffee shops
  • Shop in the same high street stores
  • Recommend something to someone else: “I know a man who….”
  • Make friends and go out in groups
  • Form relationships and get engaged
  • Marry someone, have children and create one of the oldest and strongest loyalty ties in history… a family

The life of the human being resides in the idea of being loyal. Indeed, if you are disloyal in any respect it is viewed as a highly negative quality by most other people. Therefore, creating loyal PPC customers is not a difficult task. The problem is that most PPC Advertisers are going about it all the wrong way.

Below is a list of PPC Branding Campaign Loyalty Tips for you to utilize in your own PPC Branding Campaign as and when you see fit. With a little help from the following ideas, you should be able to generate a strong cohort of loyal PPC customers who will stick with you and your brand for life and that’s the best kind of PPC customer.

Read on!

Be There
The woman in the supermarket is loyal to her brands because they are always there when she goes shopping. They are almost always in the same place (give or take a few changes that the supermarket itself makes to floor layout) and she is never forced to look elsewhere.

Force her to buy the same product with another brand because your product is not on the shelf or because your PPC Advertisement is not on the SERP when she is searching and you will lose her loyalty. Budget restrictions will mean that being at the top of the SERP all day, every day is almost impossible for most advertisers, but you can aim to be at the top of the SERP all day, every day for those keywords which are more obscure and only related to your brand and which therefore cost less.

In this way, those PPC customers searching specifically for you, using insider keyword terms that only a loyal PPC customer would know, are always going to find you and are never going to have to look elsewhere.

Be Early
Why wait until the internet user is looking to buy one of you products? Why not get them earlier down the conversion funnel process and make more of an investment in your consumer? If you invest in them, they may well invest in you for life.

Picture our supermarket lady again…

She doesn’t have children yet, but she is pregnant. Your business is selling diapers, but our pregnant woman is still in the “reading up on babies and pregnancy stuff” stage via baby books. The smart supermarket manager would put an advertisement for diapers inside all the baby books in the store so that the woman begins to think about what diapers she will buy before she even needs to buy them. She is made loyal before she even thinks about a purchase.

In the same way, the smart PPC Advertiser will not only focus on keywords such as “baby diapers” and “cheap diapers,” but they will also bid on terms such as “baby care” or “baby tips” or perhaps even “baby basics.”

Get her early, when she is searching the Internet for other information, and the rewards could be high. Imagine if she has four babies and continues to buy your diapers for all four. Now that is an investment!

Be Social

Loyal customers don’t always need to be sold something. Loyal customers will want to know things about your product and your services.

Get social.

Get on Facebook and direct some of your PPC Advertisements to your social network URLs so that your potential life consumer can engage with your product on a different level.

Remember, human beings love to be loyal because they love to feel a part of something. Give them the opportunity to be a part of your gang and make the buying of your product much more than a cold, hard sale. If they are part of your gang, they will be loyal; they will buy.

Be Communicative
Our pregnant supermarket lady took 31 years to find the man of her dreams, get to know him, fall in love, go through a trial period of living together, marry him and then fall pregnant with the first of what she hopes will be many of his children.

Why did it take so long?

Because she was looking for someone that she could have a long lasting relationship with and someone that she could communicate with easily.

Human beings like dialogue; we like communication and, more importantly, we like our communication to be two-way. We don’t want to be talked at. We want to be talked with and listened to. This is exactly the same for the PPC consumer.

Avoid just trying to sell your product. Show your customer that you understand their needs and that you are interested in more than just making the sale.

If the pregnant lady’s husband had asked her to marry him on the first date, she would have said “no.” He had to invest time, care and energy into the relationship. If you want our pregnant lady to buy your diapers, provide her with a website that gives her more than the product. Give her a website with an interesting daily blog that deals with the fears and concerns felt by other newly pregnant women with whom she can connect and with whom she can feel more assured.

She will come to your site for information, answers, assurance and a sense of belonging (she loves to be loyal!) and whilst she is on the site, feeling happy and not alone, she will casually buy your product too.

In conclusion
It is not difficult to make PPC customers loyal for life through your branding campaign. You just need to think more like a human who loves to be one of the gang and less like a computer that wants to sell on a 2 + 2 = 4 basis.