A major development to pay per click advertising via Google AdWords over the next few weeks will be caused by the introduction of the Google + 1 button feature.

Google +1 and Pay Per ClickIt is commonly known, I believe, that the Google + 1 button feature will appear next to the Google organic listings on the search page and will help Google to continue improving the quality and relevance of the search results that it provides. But who knew that the Google + 1 button was also going to be used alongside the pay per click advertising listings too?

If you didn’t know, you do now, and the detailed article that this post links to is designed to explain the effects and implications of the Google + 1 feature on pay per click advertising listings in as succinct and useful a way as possible.

The pay per click advertising article about Google + 1 covers the following basic, but important, areas for all pay per click advertising managers or clients to take into consideration and be aware of:

1. What is the Google + 1 feature and when will it be in place?
2. What is the purpose of the Google + 1 feature?
3. Can I choose to NOT have the Google + 1 feature attached to my pay per click advertising links?
4. Will I pay when someone clicks on my Google + 1 feature button?
5. Will the Google + 1 button affect my Quality Score?
6. Is the Google + 1 feature a positive addition to my pay per click advertising campaign?

Is the Google + 1 feature a good thing for pay per click advertising? Read the Google + 1 article on the Webrageous website and find out.

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