A Google AdWords representative is a Google employee who works directly with a specially selected pay per click management company as an extra point of reference and support for the development of all pay per click campaigns managed by that company.

Webrageous is pleased to report that it has its very own personal Google AdWords representative and has worked alongside this amazing individual for the past four years.
If you are currently looking for a representative at Google AdWords it may be easier to hire an AdWords agency who can get you the support you need and help you improve your account and at the same time save you many countless hours of optimizing your account on your own. Please give us a call at 800-645-9521 for a free estimate.
Why is it important to have a Google Adwords Representative? Why should all pay per click advertisers look for a pay per click management company that has direct access to a Google AdWords representative? Why do advertisers need Google AdWords representatives?

It is important to have a Google AdWords representative on the pay per click management team because better PPC management can be provided to all pay per click advertising clients.
For example, Webrageous’ Google AdWords representative has been responsible for the creation of advertising text for some of our pay per click campaigns, he has been directly involved in the research of new keywords for some of our pay per click campaigns and he has provided us with excellent up-to-date information about all things related to Google AdWords pay per click advertising. These are just some of the benefits when you sign up as a client of Webrageous.
On top of that, our Google AdWords representative has also invited us to use new Google features, such as Google Remarketing, ahead of schedule. Webrageous was able to use the Google Remarketing program whilst it was still in the beta testing stage at Google and still unavailable to the majority. Our Google AdWords representative sets us apart from other pay per click management companies and that is why it is important to have a Google AdWords representative working for you behind the scenes when you hire Webrageous.
Finally, Webrageous is able to telephone its Google AdWords representative every day and have instant clarification on any number of matters regarding specific pay per click campaigns in particular or the entire pay per click management spectrum as a whole.
To read more about how Webrageous’ Google AdWords representative helps to provide a better service for all the pay per click advertising clients who work with Webrageous, read our detailed article on the subject recently posted on our website.
In addition, if you have any questions regarding the content of this post and wish to know more about the benefits of our Google AdWords representative and how we can help you, please contact us directly.