One of Tom Cruise’s best films ever has to be “A Few Good Men,” where he plays the recently graduated and highly cocky military lawyer, Daniel Kaffee, alongside Jack Nicholson in one of his most famous roles ever as Colonel Nathan R. Jessep, spouting “You can’t handle the truth!” in a frenzied moment of annoyance and anger as the film reaches its close.

What does this have to do with law firms and law firm Google AdWords Management?

Actually, quite a lot.

What Kaffee (Tom Cruise) does in this movie, along with his dedicated team of lawyers, is investigate, prep and probe for better answers, more clues, more ways in which to optimize the lawsuit and, ultimately, get Jessep (Jack Nicholson) to admit the truth… or in PPC Advertising terms: to get Jessep to make a conversion.

This is why Webrageous Studios, an AdWords PPC Management Company which successfully handles the PPC Advertising Campaigns of some highly successful US law firms, believes that a PPC Management Company in charge of law firm Google AdWords Management must focus on investigation. It must focus on prepping, probing and searching in order to find better ways of running law firm Google AdWords Management.


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