If your pay per click advertising campaign generates lots of clicks, but earns little conversions, the problem might lie in the design and format of your landing pages. If this is the case, then you probably need a better set of landing page conversion tips that would give you better numbers.

Landing Page Conversion Tips

Landing Page Conversion TipsFollow these landing page conversion tips that Webrageous is happy to share and hopefully, with all the right elements in place, you will begin to see your conversions rise and enjoy more benefits from your pay per click advertising in general.

1. Promise to maintain your client’s privacy.

This may seem like an obvious point to make, but unless you explicitly state that you are not going to reveal any information that an internet user might share with your company when converting, they might not want to convert.
This is one fact that is often forgotten in other landing page conversion tips. Internet users, despite ideas to the contrary, are very particular about their private information and feel much more willing to convert if they have been guaranteed complete privacy in terms of the information that they share.
Just a small line of text which promises client privacy next to your conversion button / form is very important and very easy to put in place. Incorporate it today to see improvements to your pay per click advertising campaign in the near future.

2. Make the conversion forms that you use as short as possible.

Now this is a classic part of any landing page conversion tips you’ll see. Internet users hate forms. The quicker the better. You want the basics of information and if they have to scroll down the page to see the whole form, it is likely that your form is already too long to ensure conversions on a regular basis.
Keep everything short, clear and simple when it comes to conversion forms and your conversion numbers will rise.

3. Choose images that are relevant to your products.

Images are always helpful when it comes to selling a product. If the conversion that you are hoping for is the purchase of one of your products, you should use a very high quality and well chosen image of that product to put on your landing page next to the “buy now” button.
This is yet another fact that some landing page conversion tips miss out on. Images help internet users to know that they have landed on the page that they were hoping to land on when they clicked on the advertisement / SERP listing. Therefore, you can get your potential customer to convert more often by using relevant images as signals and indicators of reference whenever possible.
If you include images intelligently on your landing pages you conversion numbers will rise and your pay per click advertising efforts will begin to noticeably pay off.

4. Test your advertising copy and call-to-action landing page text.

Run more than one landing page for the same product / conversion action at the same time on an A/B testing strategy. In this way you will be able to test and experiment with different advertising text and calls-to-action that you place on your landing pages above the conversion forms or next to the products that you want to sell.
You can experiment with the actual call-to-action words that you use, the size of the text, the parts of the text that you emphasize in one way or another and even the length of copy that you choose to use on your landing page.
After a few weeks you will be able to see which advertising copy works best for generating the most conversions on your various landing pages by analyzing the data in your account. And once you’ve decided on the copy that scores you bigger numbers, you’ll definitely be thankful that you followed these landing page conversion tips right away.

5. Experiment with the color and size of your buttons.

Common thought is that orange works best on the whole as a conversion button, but why not experiment a little.
Other landing page conversion tips may ask you to stay on the safe side, but experimenting with different styles could actually turn out better. See what happens when you use dual colored buttons that allow the internet user to choose between two separate options for conversion. Consider making your conversion button larger than it is at present to make it the focal point of your landing page.
This should also help to encourage more internet users to convert and your pay per click advertising campaign success to rise.
For more information and advice on pay per click advertising and conversion increase, contact the pay per click advertising experts at Webrageous at any time. We will be happy to help you take your conversion rate to the next level.

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