“How do I improve my conversion rate?” is a question asked by PPC Advertisers all the time.

It is true that conversion rates can be improved greatly by concentrating on landing pages.. Landing pages in PPC campaigns are excellent places in which to begin placing more time and effort because the better the landing page, the more likely the internet user is to convert.

Poor landing pages exhibit characteristics including the following:

1. information that is irrelevant to the particular advertisement that is linking to it

2. a poorly organized interface

3. slow page loading times

4. important information that can only be seen if the internet user scrolls down to find it

The above four examples are just the tip of the iceberg, but they help to indicate the general idea. Landing pages which work effectively and which help to secure conversions, once the internet user has already clicked on the PPC advertisement, exhibit the following characteristics:

1. specially generated content and images that are going to appeal and be relevant to that particular internet user

2. information that is laid out clearly and which is not squished together

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3. pages that load as soon as the internet user clicks on the link

4. conversion calls-to-action that can be immediately seen by the internet user in the top left hand corner of the screen as they land on the page

However, having said all of this, PPC Managers could also learn a thing or two about how to increase the conversion rates of their PPC Advertising Campaigns by reading the Webrageous Studios article about how to use homepages in order to generate more conversions.

Instead of concentrating on the end of the PPC Campaign process (ie: the landing page, where an internet user is brought to once they have already demonstrated an interest in converting), work on the beginning; work on the homepage. Work which is done on a website’s homepage in order to attract new site users and generate initial interest can also be very effective in terms of increasing conversion rates.

Read the article thoroughly in order to gain a better idea of exactly what we mean.