If you are unsure what a conversion is because you are new to Pay Per Click Advertising, then read the Webrageous Studios article which explains what a conversion is before reading the rest of this article. It is highly important that this basic concept concerning PPC Advertising is understood from that start.

If you already know what a conversion is, however, then you are probably reading this article because you want to know how to improve your conversion rate.

Many PPC Management Companies will suggest focusing on landing pages in order to further optimize a PPC Advertising Campaign and generate a higher conversion rate. While this is definitely important and certainly does help to increase the number of conversions achieved from any given campaign, Webrageous Studios also has an alternative idea in mind.

The idea is to concentrate on improving the quality of your homepage. Concentrating on the online marketing process from this angle, rather than simply focusing on landing pages, means that more conversions can be achieved.

Why? How?

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Why does the optimization of homepages help to secure conversions?
Not all traffic to your site is driven there as a result of your PPC Advertising Campaign. Internet users can equally arrive to your site through other means (through Organic Search, through word of mouth, through links on other sites, etc.). For this reason, it is important that other pages on your site, as well as the landing pages you have elected and synchronised to run as part of your PPC Campaigns, are not neglected. This is particularly true of the homepage on your site.

For many internet users the homepage is the first page they encounter on your site. Therefore, there is the potential to grab an internet user’s interest and to encourage them to convert from this moment.

In this way, internet users can be turned into converters at the beginning of the conversion process rather than at the end, unlike those internet users who click on PPC Advertisements and land on specific landing pages that represent the end of that particular marketing campaign in question.

Optimizing hompages is just another way of approaching the issue of conversions as the PPC Advertiser is putting more effort into the beginning of the internet user’s journey as opposed to solely concentrating on the end.

What should I do to optimize my homepage to the maximum?
All of the things you are accustomed to doing in order to optimize your landing pages should be what you do to optimize your homepage for conversions too. For example:

1. Place all the important information in the top left hand corner of the site, including a link which will take internet users to the conversion page.
2. Include special offers in places that are highly visible.
3. Make the page clear, clean and free from cluttered information.
4. Make the page easy to navigate so that internet users who could be arriving from a number of different destinations and means (unlike those users who arrive to landing pages from places that you have more control over as a PPC Advertiser) can find the page or information that they are looking for without any difficulty.

What should I do if I have more questions about optimizing my homepage to generate more conversions?
If you are still unsure about the ways in which conversions can be generated by optimizing homepages, as opposed to solely concentrating on the optimization of landing pages, contact Webrageous Studios for more information and advice at any time convenient to you.