Quality Score, as we all know by now, is determined by the relevance of your advertisements, keywords and landing page. Quality Score is Google’s way of recognizing, that indeed, your advertisements, keywords and landing pages serve their purpose of being useful to those searching online.


new-ideasAs a way of review, Google calculates your Quality Score through the following ways:


  • Your keywords’ click-through–rate  which shows the frequency by which your keywords encouraged users to click on your advertisements

  • Your display URL’s past click-through-rate which shows the frequency of clicks already matched to your URL

  • Your account history which shows the overall click-through-rate of your advertisements and keywords

  • Your landing page’s relevance, meaning how user-friendly your page is

  • Your keyword relevance in relation to your advertisements

  • Your keyword relevance in relation to what the searchers are actually looking for

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  • Your account’s geographic performance

  • Your advertisment’s performance on a site

  • Your advertisement’s performance on desktops, mobile devices and tablets

“relevance” is different to “user-friendly” which is all about navigation, so please make changes here to make sure everything makes sense


The Quality Score affects your account in the following ways:


  • Makes it cheaper for a keyword to enter the ad auction

  • Allows you to pay less when your keywords are clicked

  • Makes it easier to get your advertisement to show up on the first page of search results

  • Makes it easier for your advertisements to reach the top page of search results

  • Leads to a higher advertisement position


The above points go to show that Quality Score and keywords MAY share a give-and-take relationship or a push and pull effect – a keyword with high CTR shows that there are functional clicks on your advertisements generated through search query matches.


High CTR is an important factor which Google takes into consideration when choosing which PPC advertisers should receive high Quality Scores.  A high Quality Score allows you to pay less for each click on your keyword – BUT all positive results on your account depends primarily on your keyword choice and optimization.


Therefore, in order to improve the Quality Score of your important keywords you have to improve the quality of keywords you choose to focus on in your PPC campaigns.

Improving the QUALITY of your keywords


  1. Choose only relevant, solid and consistent keywords. The key to this is in organizing your Ad groups. The ideal ad group for one product is only about 15-25 keywords. Utilize your vocabulary. Make the most out of your writing skills.

  2. Keep an eye on your search query reports and have a keen eye on your conversion. Your search query report could retrieve data on what particular keywords a user type in his query and if this keyword translates a conversion for your account.

  3. Research on long-tail keywords through Google Suggestions, Google’s related search results found at the bottom part of each search page results and other keyword research tools Wordstreams free keyword Tool, Google Trends and Social media Tools among others.

  4. Take advantage of Yahoo answers, Answers.com, LinkedIn Answers, Ehow and Wikipedia for more long-tail keywords suggestion.

  5. Become skilled on Google Analytics. Analytics is a gold mine for long-tail keywords that are already generating traffic for your site.