Webrageous Studios: Pay Per Click Advertising Champions

The Best Advertisement Text
Pay Per Click Advertising ChampionWebrageous Studios would win any competition which focused on the creation of advertisement text because we go one step further than most ad agencies.

We create award winning advertisement text which helps to draw tons of relevant and interested traffic to your site.

This is the key. “Relevant” and “Interested.” There are many other Pay Per Click Management Companies out there which will be able to bring tons of traffic to your website and which can probably do so after just a few hours of managing your Campaigns.

However, the problem is that most of that traffic will probably turn out to be people who are not interested in your products and who have been misled by the advertisement text that they saw which led them to your site. Webrageous will drive traffic that is ready to convert, not traffic that will cost you money through high CTRs and few conversions.

Good Pay Per Click Advertising attracts qualified traffic.

The Best Keyword Research
Who is your target audience? Where do they live? How old are they? What kind of search terms might they use to find your site? What products/services are you offering to them?

Advertising works best when your account manager asks you these kinds of questions and constantly ensures that you have to re-confirm the answers to these questions on a regular basis.

Without answers to these questions, keyword selection for any Campaign is always going to be poor and if keyword selection is poor, nobody is going to convert.

The Best in Landing Page and Website Optimization
Webrageous Studios first began in 2001 as a web design company and this means that our knowledge of website design and landing page optimization is above and beyond that of the ordinary Pay Per Click Advertising Manager.

Webrageous excels in the optimization of landing pages and websites and this is essential to anyone looking to be a Pay Per Click Advertising Star.

If an interested customer lands on your site, but then cannot work out where to go next, or they are presented with something different to what they thought they could encounter when clicking on your advertisement, they are going to be straight back out of there.

With Webrageous working behind the scenes, the chances of conversion are higher because we make sure that your landing pages are well optimized and that an internet user’s experience on your website is a positive one. Your days of failing at Pay Per Click Advertising are over when working with our experts managers.

Budget Management
Is one of your keywords generating lots of clicks but few conversions? Then why are you paying so much money for it?

If you want your campaigns to show a healthy ROI every month, you need to be intelligently running your bidding and budget areas to a high standard.

Webrageous Studios would promise to continually ensure that your budget was never being wasted. We would also inform you of all the different changes we were making to the way in which your budget could be spent to make you better off financially in the long run too.

Your advertising can only work well for a company when the money invested does not outweigh the money gained. If you want your budget to be run to perfection, then a great choice is Webrageous. We are the Stars of Pay Per Click Bidding and Budgets.

Display Network

Have you tried advertising your business via the Display Network? If not, why not?

So many advertisers miss out on the Display Network because they think that all of the financial gain and advertising success is to be found in the Search Network, but this simply isn’t true.

Advertising via the Display Network catches potential customers when they are investigating into something related to the services you offer and the products that you sell. Why would you not want to be a part of this advertising arena? It makes no sense not to be.

Webrageous is an expert in Display Network Advertising and will have many suggestions for the ways in which your business could be marketed through this network. Contact us for more information and sparkle with the best of the other Pay Per Click Advertising Stars within no time.

Pay Per Click Advertising World Champion
This should help to finally convince you of the fact that Webrageous is the Best in Pay Per Click Advertising Management and that you should be calling to speak with one of our Google AdWords Certified Managers today.