Google AdWords PPC AdvertisementEverybody knows the story of Frankenstein and his monster. The “mad” doctor worked for hours and hours in a secret laboratory in order to create life from scratch. He made a new being; a living, breathing being that had to be hidden away from society until the time came for him to come to life and experience what the world had to offer.

Google AdWords PPC Advertisement as Frankenstein’s Monster

So, how is Frankenstein’s monster like a Google AdWords PPC advertisement?
The answer is simple… a Google AdWords PPC advertisement can either be a wondrous creation that encourages lots of PPC clicks and then generates lots of conversions after that. It can also be the kind of advertisement that ensures the internet user comes back again and again to a particular site in order to make further conversions on a regular basis. In effect, a Google AdWords PPC advertisement can result in the creation of a customer for life.
Or it can be the start of something much more frightening and destructive. It can be the start of a nightmare; an advertisement that sucks away at all the advertising budget without delivering the goods; an advertisement that actually does more evil than good; an advertisement that is the PPC Manager’s version of Frankenstein’s monster!
PPC Managers need to create a conversion laboratory in secret in order to ensure that they never create “bad” advertisements, but instead create healthy, happy advertisements that will generate many conversions for their PPC clients and be ultimate success stories as opposed to Frankenstein freak shows that everyone really only wants to forget.
The problem with poor Frankenstein’s monster is that he was unaccepted by society. He was rejected and didn’t fit in. He became destructive and did not function properly in the environment that Dr. Frankenstein brought him into.
Perhaps this was because Dr. Frankenstein was too quick to rush the integration of his creation that still needed a lot of work in order to refine it. Dr. Frankenstein took his creation out of the laboratory before it was ready and this caused problems.

Containing the Monster

Make sure that this doesn’t happen to you and your Google AdWords PPC advertisement. In order to create the perfect “monster”… or should we actually say the perfect “conversion”… sufficient PPC testing needs to take place to avoid a clash between your creativity and the audience that are there to receive it.
Sometimes, budgets, deadlines and KPIs don’t allow for this kind of experimentation and that is why PPC Managers need to learn how to create a secret conversion laboratory to do the ground work that company deadlines just will not allow.
Therefore, allow Webrageous Studios to lead you through the way in which you should create your own secret conversion laboratory where you can work on your product in peace and tranquility and not fear the wrath of a boss that is only looking at the immediate results and is impatient for the future.
Then, once you know that your Google AdWords PPC advertisement is ready and a conversion is likely to occur, you can release your own Frankenstein’s monster out into the public eye and see how many PPC clicks and conversions your secret work will generate.

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