Even though this is a basic breakdown of the general rules behind effective PPC Campaign Testing, the following overview is just as useful for long-serving PPC Managers to read as it is for newly qualified PPC Managers too.

If these basic rules are abided by, PPC Campaign Testing will always result in a positive outcome for the PPC Manager working on any given Google AdWords PPC Campaign.

Let’s begin…

Never disrupt day to day account practices when testing one of your PPC Campaigns.
Tests must occur whilst PPC Campaigns are still running as normal. It is bad PPC Management Practice to avoid doing all the day to day things you need to do for your PPC Campaign just because you are busy running extra tests outside of the daily routine as well.

Never test lots of things at the same time.
If you are testing and making changes to keywords, budgets and advertisement text all at the same time, then you will never be sure which of those changes brought about the improvements to your PPC Campaign.

Allow time for tests to work.
If you don’t give your tests enough time, then accurate data will not be generated. You need to be able to see the changes to a PPC Campaign over time in order to see if those changes are going to be sustainable or not.

Don’t forget to hypothesize before beginning to test.
It is excellent PPC Management Practice to predict what will be the outcome from the particular changes that you make to your PPC Campaign because then you can begin to see whether your judgment is to be trusted or not before even making a change to an account. If your PPC Management judgment improves, every time you make a change to your PPC Campaign you will actually be taking even less of a risk, because you will be able to further guarantee a positive outcome of the changes that you make.

Know your audience.
Where is your target audience from? When are they online? What do they like? and the list continues. You cannot optimize a PPC Campaign for a target audience if you have no idea who that target audience is. Do your research well in this area.

Make use of developments in technology and PPC.
Google AdWords and other PPC Advertising Forums are working every day to develop new tools to make your PPC Management more effective, including for instance the development of the Google Remarketing Tool or the ACE Tool, for example. Stay up-to-date. Read the Webrageous Studios blog regularly and take advantage of these resources whenever possible. Ignoring technology will only put you at a disadvantage amongst other PPC Advertisers.

If this checklist is not enough for you, read the step-by-step example of how to optimize a PPC Campaign and implement changes to an account one at a time. Read how to control the PPC Campaign Testing of your account via the Webrageous Studios Website and then put these tips into action in your own PPC Campaign with more confidence.