Google AdWords BrandingAs a Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertiser, should your focus be on improving ROI or on developing Brand Awareness?
Webrageous Studios believes that with more focus on Branding Techniques, any Pay Per Click Advertiser can increase ROI and maintain the improvements that they achieve over time too.

Is Google AdWords Branding Better?

Essentially, Webrageous Studios believes Branding Awareness to be a far more successful approach in the long term to Pay Per Click Advertising than simply trying to increase ROI through Paid Search. However, it is also important that the links between the two be understood. Pay Per Click Advertisers need to learn how to hone in on the beauty of using Paid Search and Branding Techniques via the Google Display Network together. This is a winning partnership when managed correctly and will ultimately lead to an increased ROI.
The problem is that many Pay Per Click Advertisers all too often believe that they can utilize the powers of Paid Search via Google AdWords to drive ROI onwards and upwards without investing any time or money into your Google AdWords branding. This is a terrible mistake to make.
Online customers are affected by branding techniques. Internet users like to “know” the company they are doing business with and Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns that do not utilize the power of the Google Display Network and Google AdWords branding techniques are never going to see the ROI that they are looking for without making that all important branding investment.
Similarly, however, Google AdWords Branding is nothing without investing in Paid Search either. There’s no point in investing time and money into your Google AdWords Branding Campaign via the Google Display Network unless you can also support those efforts via Paid Search Advertisements.

Creating the Perfect Balance

Imagine the scenario…
An online user is doing some research into child custody. They have realized that their marriage is over and their main concern is whether they will get custody of their children or not. They are doing some research online into the subject matter and then they see an advertisement via the Google AdWords Display Network for your US Family Law Firm.
Perfect. They click on the advertisement. Do a little research into your company via your website and then they switch off their laptop with the intention of coming back to find you tomorrow. The only problem is, they can’t remember your exact URL. They do a quick Google AdWords Search, but you haven’t been investing in your Google AdWords Paid Search Campaign and your website is just not coming up on the first page of the SERP.
What do they do? They move on. They click on someone else’s site and you’ve lost a very interested client.
Google AdWords Branding Campaigns and Google AdWords Paid Search Campaigns need to work together in order to improve ROI. It is the best, the only way of doing so from Webrageous Studios’ perspective.
We imagine that you are fairly up to date with the Paid Search approach to online advertising via Google AdWords. Most people generally are. Therefore, our advice is to keep doing what you’re doing with your Paid Search Campaign, but to read our accompanying article, 3 Top Tips for Building Brands Online, which you can then begin to implement and run alongside your already  organized Paid Search Campaign. Do these two things and you should be able to see a much better ROI in the coming weeks and one that is far more sustainable over time too.
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