3 Top Tips for Building Brands Online

What are the best ways of building brands online?

Before we even begin to tackle this question, it is important to consider why the building of brands is important in online advertising.

Essentially, branding campaigns are long lasting. Branding campaigns are the key to sustainable ROI. If you can develop a brand that is well known, recognized and remembered by your target audience, you can increase ROI and maintain that increase for years to come.

Paid Search Campaigns via Google AdWords are very important. They are necessary elements to any online advertising plan and they should be used in conjunction with Branding Campaigns. However, far too many Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertisers attempt to increase ROI without improving their online branding.

It is essential that you work on your company’s brand and that you develop your company’s online presence. Your name is just as important as your position on the Google SERP and therefore Webrageous Studios suggests that you take more time to invest your advertising budget into the following:

Google AdWords Display Network
Social Media Platforms
Videos Online

Most Pay Per Click Advertisers are well aware of what it is that they have to do to get their advertisements at the top of the SERP, but few understand how to raise ROI by working on company branding. The three ideas listed above are the best ways to begin branding and supplementing the efforts of your Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaigns in the following ways:

Google AdWords Display Network
If your potential clients are researching on related websites, it makes sense to be advertising on those websites. It make even more sense to be promoting your brand on those websites by designing advertisements that set your business apart from other companies in the same field.

The beauty of the Google AdWords Display Network is that you can develop image based advertisements and video based advertisements which work excellently to capture attention and get your potential client base to remember your company through logo or company slogan, for example.

Social Media Platforms
It is impossible to deny that generating a social media buzz is definitely a good way of driving potential clients to search for your brands. The important thing here is to find the social media platform that works for your particular business and then to find out what you need to use those social media platforms to promote.

Some businesses do not benefit from Facebook, but do benefit from Twitter. Some companies see developments in ROI thanks to branding campaigns because they use social media platforms to offer special promotions and some companies generate interest and increase ROI because their social media platforms are generating email lists and subscribers.

Videos Online
Video is quite simply the favored media form in general by the internet audience. In general, the internet user prefers to watch a video than they do read an article. The better your branding videos, the more memorable and the more useful they are to your potential client base, the better your branding campaign is going to be and the better your ROI will become.

Use these branding techniques to develop a following and drive customers to your site, then supplement this creativity with highly focused Pay Per Click Search Advertisements via Google AdWords. This winning combination is the best way of improving ROI and is the best way of maintaining these developments over long periods of time.

For more questions on branding techniques for the increase of ROI, contact Webrageous Studios directly and we will be able to discuss your individual needs in more detail.