Yes, it cannot be denied that the various tools and programs available, including the AdWords Keyword Tool for example, are excellent ways of generating huge lists of keywords that can be used in order to create successful Search Network PPC Campaigns.

However, whatever happened to the notion of actually beginning by looking at the content that already exists on the website?

Why the Website is Your Best Resource When You Create Keywords

Logic dictates that if you want to draw traffic to a website, then the best place to begin working and the place that you need to know inside and out is that website. This includes a knowledge of the content of the website too. Therefore, there is no reason why the content of that website cannot begin to actively work for you to improve a campaign’s success.

The website is one of the best places to begin looking for keyword ideas when building the different ad groups within your PPC campaign because the structure for those ad groups already exists in the website structure.

Consider this example.

If you are managing the PPC campaign for a website that sells books, then a hierarchy of levels for navigational purposes will already exist in the website. This hierarchy is an excellent structure to use as the basis for the creation of ad groups in a PPC campaign.

For example, a number of ad groups that could be created for a books website might be influenced by the following website hierarchical structure:

  • Books
  • Romance
  • Book Author
  • Book Title
  • Characters
  • Chapters
  • Extracts

The hierarchical structure of the website’s content would generate the above ad groups for you (and could then be broken down even further into ad groups that would be even more focused), you would be able to create keywords, including misspellings, that would fit into these categories.

Landing Page Quality, if you create keywords and ad groups using the website’s own content, is bound to improve too, as the pages on the website are going to be crawling with the keywords that you are using in the PPC campaign. Therefore, Quality Score is also likely to rise over time as well.

Keyword Tools versus Website Content

Keyword Tools are very, very useful and Webrageous Studios would like to reiterate that it is by no means saying that keyword tools are redundant. Far from it, in fact. However, what keyword tools do lack, that website content offers in surplus amounts, is purpose; a true intent.

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The content on any website is there for a real reason. It has been created with a reason in mind. When you create keywords through Keyword Tools, they are automatically generated. But computers think very differently from human beings.

It is this human element that makes PPC Management difficult. It is also the reason why the development of keywords and ad groups cannot be solely be based on data and facts. To read more about the importance of approaching PPC Management from a human perspective in order to be successful, read the full length article about the “art” of PPC Management on the Webrageous Studios website.

Therefore, continue to make good use of keyword tools to create keywords for all the PPC campaigns that you are managing, but do not forget the vast source of inspiration that is laid out before you free of charge: the website that you are linking to. It is one of the best places to begin when you create keywords and ad groups because the content is made to match.