Tips on Criminal Defense Advertising for Attorneys

Criminal defense attorneys handle complex cases and in some instances the cases can draw wide public attention. For this reason, criminal defense advertising is unlike other forms of advertising for legal services. It requires a higher degree of discretion and ethical consideration as most cases are sensitive, not only to the client but also to the victims. As an attorney, you have to be careful not to be the center of the case even if it takes a public turn and this may affect how you market your services.

The good thing is that with digital advertising, your criminal defense marketing strategies don’t have to be limited. You can reach a wider audience and source clients from all over the world, by simply widening your target market and staying above local politics and considerations. This guide for marketing for criminal defense attorneys can be used in virtually any state or country with a good digital marketing environment. Here’s how you can go about elevating your legal practice to even greater heights.

Create an Online Presence that Enhances Trust

A criminal defense attorney should be trustworthy and credible. This means that they should exercise utmost discretion when handling their client’s cases and still retain the same expectation in how your approach attorney-client privilege. Start by creating a simple website that introduces you and your competencies. The website can have a link to a Google business profile where your connections and business networks can be clear for everyone to see. Your potential clients will be more interested in your level of experience as well as the areas you practice in. Therefore, if you believe you are great at DUI cases, don’t refrain from highlighting it in your online presence. This serves as an informal resume to get you clients.

Optimizing Digital Marketing Tools for Criminal Defense Advertising

Once you have a website, you should consider the types of content you need to create your social sites. You will need to interact daily with the public through these social media sites through posting relevant content and answering pressing questions. The questions will likely focus on your areas of practice and therefore you need to remain knowledgeable enough to keep up with the queries. There is no level of criminal defense attorney advertising that will be able to mask your incapacity to address pressing legal concerns.

Use digital marketing tools such as SEO and adwords to ensure your content ranks higher than your competition. Since you and your competitors will likely focus on similar news and content, you should ensure that your content always appears first by creating more content and using the right tools. Google analytics can help you better understand your target market and this will help you to narrow down on the particular demographics you should focus on.

The trick in criminal defense marketing is to always ensure you keep to the script. Your content should always have a way to link to criminal laws and how you intend to address them.