Re-design Your Website and Optimize Your PPC Advertising Campaigns

It is important for a PPC Advertiser to think carefully about the style, function and usability of their website in accordance with the needs and preferences of the target audience.

Below are five different style ideas for your website in order to help you create landing pages that are going to win over those internet users into following through to the very end and make that conversion. Putting time, effort and money into your PPC Campaign will be wasted if you are not investing the same amount of energy into your website design.

Therefore, take a look at the following website styles and try to decide which style will best support your PPC Advertising Campaign and best encourage your target audience to make a conversion having landed on your website.

Complex Layouts

Do you have a lot of products or services to sell? Do you have a lot of inner pages worth highlighting via a clickable, linking image on the home page, for example? Is your website fairly old and full of lots of content that needs to be exposed in a better way to your target audience because at present it is being swamped by itself and nobody has any idea of the great content that your website has to offer?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then a complex layout may well be what your website needs to keep your target audience interested and have them clicking around for hours, becoming more and more engrossed in the knowledge that your website has to offer, as well as the products and services that they can buy.

Companies that can build websites which reveal them to be an authority in their area are worth their weight in gold and have plenty of opportunities to build a name for themselves by working on their brand identity. In his sense too, perhaps your PPC Management strategies might need a re-think…

Does your company have the ability to make itself into a brand through branding PPC Management and a complex website style? Have a think.

Font Flair

It may be that your online business is more of a creative one. It may be that internet users who visit your site are just as interested in the way something looks as they are in its content. Maybe your internet audience is MORE interested in the design and look of your site than the content.

Perhaps you have a photography site and on the home page you want to be able to set up different sections of your photography because your work falls into many different areas?

In this instance, why not start reviewing the font styles on your website and being a little more creative with your website just as you are with the business itself?

Naturally, it is very important not to behave like a kid at Christmas when they discover the whole range of fonts on offer for the first time and begin using every single font they can find on every page for no reason. However, it is possible to use a number of different fonts on the same page, whilst maintaining the professional nature of that website if you have the creative insight to do so.

With applications such as Google Font API, the range of fonts available for websites on the Internet just keeps growing. Take advantage of this developing technology if what your business offers is something a little more artistic than informative.

White is still King

It is true that colors can have an affect on an audience. Blue is calming, yellow is fresh and red is passionate. However, red is also dangerous or very unlucky, depending on which culture you are from. Therefore, using color on your site, if it is an international business that you are developing, can actually be detrimental to your PPC conversions if you do not do your research well.

However, white is neutral.

Black text on a white background is also still the best choice of website design if you don’t want your internet audience to get tired eyes and if you want your content, including your images, to be made the focus of the site.

Some businesses do choose to work with different colored backgrounds and texts, but if you are going to do this then there really should be a vey good reason for doing so.

If not, the website advice for generating the most conversions lies with maintaining a white-based website every time.

Going Social

Whether you are a fan of Facebook or not, whether you Tweet your life away without care or still prefer to send a telegram and whether you Digg almost every article you read or don’t even know if you have a shovel to dig with, Social Networking and Social Network Sites are a huge part of internet life today. Your website, your business and your PPC Advertising Campaign will be lost without social networking.

So… how can your website benefit from going social? What kind of social accessories would work for your site and what wouldn’t?

  1. The main point to remember is that Facebook and Twitter are the reigning authorities in the social network realm at present and adding their very simple and discreet “Like” and “Retweet” buttons can immediately help to draw more traffic to your site.
  2. The second point to consider is that it may be that your audience is not a Facebook nor a Twitter audience. These two social giants may be social giants, but that doesn’t mean that they reach everywhere and everyone. Is Digg a better choice for your business, for example?
  3. The final point to consider is to keep it simple… go easy on the widgets. Your website is there to sell your product or your service and your PPC Campaign is in place to bring people to your website in order to convert. Having too many distracting widgets all over the place is not going to increase your conversion rate. Choose your social networking elements carefully and don’t go overboard.

If having read this article from start to finish you still need advice on how to improve the look and usability of your website in order to support your PPC Campaign and increase your conversion rate, contact Webrageous Studios directly and we will endeavor to help you in any way we can.