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Here are the top keywords you need to have in your Google Ads account to succeed with PPC. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of managing your own account contact us and we can create an amazing account for you and handle all of the optimization. There are some interesting symbols used below like [] ” and + – these refer to the match type in Google Ads. The key to making a lot of money from Google Ads is to focus on emergency dentistry – these are people with, by definition, an urgent need. They are less price sensitive and ready to commit to you NOW!

need a tooth extracted
24 hour emergency dental extraction
emergency tooth extraction
emergency dental care near me
+tooth +pain
dentist open near me on saturday
emergency dentistry
emergency dentist near me
best emergency dentist near me
dentist urgent care
dentist open on saturdays
+chipped +tooth +emergency
+emergency dentist
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emergency dental care (INSERT A NEARBY CITY HERE)
+emergency +dentist
chipped tooth emergency
+nearest +emergency +dentist +to +me
dental emergencies
emergency dentists near me
emergency dentist
Emergency Dentist
walk in dental clinics
+emergency +dentist +(INSERT Another NEARBY CITY HERE)
dentist open saturday
emergency dental care (INSERT Another NEARBY CITY HERE)
Emergency Dental
dentist open on sundays
walk in dentist (INSERT YOUR CITY HERE)
emergency dentist near me open today
(INSERT A NEARBY CITY HERE) emergency dentist
dentist offices open on saturday
walk in emergency dentist near me
walk in dentist near me
top emergency dentists near me
where is a walk in dentist near me
+chipped +tooth
+emergency +dentists +near +me
dentist open right now
urgent care dental
walk in dentist
Wisdom Tooth Removal
dental care near me
dentist with saturday hours
dentist offices open on sunday
same day tooth extraction near me
denist office walk in
dentist emergency
dentist open on saturday
+emergency +dental +care
price for tooth extraction
emergency dental clinic
+emergency +dentist +in +my +area
+emergency +dentists
emergency dentists
+dentist +emergency
emergency dental services
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urgent dental care near me
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dentist that has laboratory on site
walk in dentist near open now
emergency extractions near me
walkin dentist
emergency dentist
+emergency +dental
weekend oral surgeon near me
emergency room dentist
tooth extraction
emergency dental care
on call dental
emergency toothache relief
dental emergency
(INSERT YOUR CITY HERE) Emergency Dentist
got ulser near wisdon teeth
+evening +dentists +near
+24hr +dental +near
emergency root canal
emergency dentist 24 hours near me
root canal
dental emergency near me
emergency tooth pulling
+tooth +extraction
root canal dentist
emergency oral surgeon
emergency dentist office
+root +canal +dentist
process of rct
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toothache emergency dentist
+emergency dentist +(INSERT Another NEARBY CITY HERE)
+wisdom +tooth +removal
emergency oral surgeon near me
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emergency walk in dentist
wisdom tooth removal
emergency dental extractions
can you eat popsicles after wisdom teeth removal
dental same day service
dentist open on sunday
dentist open sunday
24 hour dentist near me
+need +a +tooth +extracted
emergency dental