Pay Per Click Management

Webrageous Studios is a leading provider of Pay Per Click (PPC) management. This fast growing advertising medium is turning unknown companies into sales superstars – almost overnight. At the same time, it’s hurting websites with high customer acquisition costs, and online click fraud. What accounts for the difference? Some companies choose to attempt pay per click management of Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Bing themselves. The smart ones decide to outsource management of their Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing accounts to a pay per click management expert. With more businesses starting to advertise each day on Google, Yahoo and Bing there is a steady increase of the average cost per click (CPC) on Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing of up to 40% per year. The secret is that there are tricks and nuances to expertly managing Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Bing that can help you maximize your success and reduce your costs. If you’re looking for the best pay per click management that money can buy then you’ve come to the right place!


Leading Pay Per Click Management: The Webrageous Advantage

  • We are a full service Pay Per Click management agency and can help you with Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • A/B testing of ad text and landing pages to optimize your Google AdWords&Yahoo Search Marketing quality score
  • Expert fraud management – we manage your pay per click accounts closely and dispute any fraudulent activity with Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • We have a clean record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Managing and optimizing pay per click campaigns is our main focus – Webrageous is an expert in the field of PPC SEO/SEM
  • We began as a web design firm over six years ago and are experts at optimizing your landing pages to maximize conversions-a crucial success factor often overlooked by other PPC management agencies
  • We have bilingual English/Spanish employees to assist with any campaigns you want to run in Spanish
  • We are a Google AdWords Qualified Company and a Microsoft adExcellence (Bing) member. Yahoo has discontinued their certification program.


After you fill out our contact form below we encourage you to browse the other pages you find on this site and learn more about our pay per click management services. We highly encourage you to watch our introductory video where you can see some of the results we’ve achieved for other pay per click management clients. You will also be able to watch videos of some of our pay per click management clients and hear about the successes we have achieved managing their Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing accounts.

If you want to drive unprecedented traffic to your online business from Google, Yahoo and Bing, its time for a pay per click revolution. Stop losing money! Contact the pay per click management experts today at 855-945-1596.