Webrageous and Qui Tam Google AdWords Management

Webrageous has experience managing AdWords for law firms that specialize in qui tam/the false claims act. This is a very specialized area of PPC Management. Potential clients  of your firm  for this type of case are skittish. They are risking a lot  and it’s a big decision  just to pick up the phone  the first time and reach out to you.  so getting the ads just right  is critical . It is also important that we guide you in the creation of landing pages  that won’t scare off potential clients.

We understand that just getting clients  is the first step. Next you have to convinced the government  to take on your case  and then keep them interested  and wait years  for a payoff.  With so much at stake  don’t you want  an advertising agency that has managed  False Claims Act/Whistleblower cases before?

One of our clients  just settled one of the largest Qui Tam settlements ever. To be precise, the government did…. And of course that is the beauty of this type of litigation. All you have to do is find a client and let the government litigate for you!

At Webrageous we have been managing Google AdWords  for law firms since about 2004 . For more information about our success managing qui tam campaigns please contact us directly.