It is the big day. You have been working day and night in order to generate effective advertisement text, well designed ad groups and keywords that are going to be cost effective. You are confident that this PPC Campaign of yours is going to score highly in terms of Quality Score and you are feeling positive about conversion rates and ROI.

Stop! Think! Check one last time!

Even if you have been running PPC Advertising Campaigns since the dawn of time, mistakes can be made and basic areas of PPC Management can be overlooked.

In addition, PPC Campaigns take a fair bit of time to develop and put together. Therefore, be aware that some of the things you put in place at the start of the project might no longer be relevant. You may also find that the focus and wants of the PPC Advertiser may have actually changed.

These things need to be checked. Therefore, Webrageous Studios has highlighted just three of the most important check-list items for a PPC Manager to consider before they press the “go” button and put their PPC Campaign into action.


Double Check Goals and Budget
Talk to your boss or your PPC client. Have things changed? Is the focus of the PPC Campaign now slightly different to what it was a few days ago? Should the campaign be designed to generate conversions or to raise brand awareness?

How much money do you have and how should it be distributed? Budget in any business fluctuates all the time and depending on the season, for example, the amount that there is available to spend on advertising will change. This is normal. Therefore, make sure that you double check your PPC budget with the person who is going to be billed for what you spend before you make the campaign live.

Ask for Feedback on Keywords and Advertisement Text

Include your boss or PPC client in this part of the PPC Campaign. It is likely that the PPC Advertiser is going to know far less about the ins and outs of PPC Management than you do and that this is going to affect their detailed understanding and analysis of what makes good advertisement text or what makes effective keyword choice.

However, this is the part of the PPC Campaign that the PPC Advertiser is going to see the most of. It is also the part of PPC Management that is the most creative. It can be incredibly useful to have someone else look at your creative work in order to gain a second opinion.

Share your creativity and your keyword analysis findings before you launch. Tweak the PPC Campaign before it goes live as opposed to trying to repair it all afterwards.

Be prepared to act fast if Google rejects any of your advertisements

Sometimes Google decides that the advertisement which you have created for a particular ad group is just not up to standard. There are various reasons as to why. These reasons include a poor choice of URL to match the advertisement text, or a poor choice of landing page that is linked to a particular advertisement, for example.

Check that you have an active advertisement working for each ad group once you have launched. Otherwise, nothing will be happening. Google will not impress any of your advertisements that it is not happy with and a lot of time might be wasted before you even realize that this is the case.