PPC meets I-Robot

Have you seen the film, “I-Robot,” starring the highly popular US actor, Will Smith?

If you have, you will understand the fears that Webrageous has when thinking about the PPC school of thought which advocates the idea that PPC is an occupation for gadgets; that it is a type of work for machines.

If the job of PPC Advertising was left to the automated system of PPC Tools and Google Gadgets, the PPC world would be in for some serious destruction over time. Things could get PPC nasty and so out of control that it would take us all by surprise.

Ok. Perhaps those PPC Tools wouldn’t suddenly start sprouting legs, begin walking around and start learning how to shoot guns in order to destroy the human race within a few energetic and traumatic hours, but the point being made here is hopefully clear.

PPC cannot only be about tools and gadgets, computers and automatic programs, can it?

Experienced Google Accredited PPC Managers at Webrageous Studios would say, “Absolutely not!” How can it be? Google tools are incredibly useful and get better by the day, but the PPC Manager will never be replaceable. PPC is not completely mathematical or scientific by nature, not when its sole purpose in life is to attract the complicated mind of the human being and encourage that human mind to make a conversion. PPC is the job of a human being who approaches his or her job with just as much complexity as the internet user that he or she is hoping to catch searches the web.

Therefore, even if there is another PPC Management Company out there with lots of great results which prove its skills in PPC in general, this other company would be no match for the divorce marketing skills of Webrageous. PPC tools are excellent for reducing PPC time-consuming tasks and there are some elements of any campaign that can be run through some of Google’s automated programs, but there must still be a human, trained professional monitoring those programs and utilizing those tools to make PPC Campaigns reach and maintain their full potential…


…there needs to be a human trained professional from Webrageous Studios heading the PPC Campaign for any US divorce firm if divorce marketing success is the final goal. There is no machine, no program, no tool, no Google gadget and certainly no other PPC Management Company that can do what Webrageous and its PPC Managers do for US divorce firms and their marketing campaigns.

Humans or machines? BOTH are needed in PPC.

But Webrageous or another PPC Management Company? Only Webrageous will do if you are in need of divorce marketing support and there is very little debate to be found on this score. Contact Webrageous to find out more.