Google TV Advertising and Paid Search Advertising Working Together

TV Advertising is a very effective form of advertising because the majority of the human race really enjoys this medium. It is one of the easiest ways in which to take in information and therefore when someone slobs out on their sofa at the end of a hard day, feeding them a batch of well crafted TV advertisements can work wonders.

However, Webrageous Studios believes that to create a PPC campaign where TV Advertisements and Paid Search Advertisements can work together is a much more effective way of taking advantage of newer forums of PPC Advertising, including Google TV for example.

This article provides a basic introduction to the ways in which a fusion between Paid Search and TV Advertising can be combined in order to make both areas better at what they are already doing for you and your company.

Making an audience

Through your TV Advertisements, you will be able to shape how your audience searches for your brand when using a search engine like Google, for example. If you insert special pieces of information into your TV Advertisements, specifically for your TV audience (including specialized URLs or selective keyword search terms), you will be able to drive Paid Search advertisements towards this audience and track their activity with more success.

Be clear about CPA

By separating your TV audience through the use of specialized URLs and specific keywords you will also be able to analyze the TV driven search traffic with more ease and optimize your accounts with more success.

You can analyze the amount and quality of the traffic that arrives to your site and then (hopefully) converts from TV advertisements and use that data to work out your TV advertising costs and conversions in order to find an accurate CPA.

Knowing how your budget is being spent is very important for obvious reasons and therefore specialized landing pages and keyword triggers help you to monitor this information with more accuracy.

When will you Advertise?

The difference between TV commercials and paid search advertisements is to do with timing. Expect search queries on the Internet for your products or services to increase significantly during and directly after your TV commercials have been aired.

Therefore, you should seriously consider increasing your paid search advertising bids for your TV audience at these times. Increase bids on keywords when your TV advertisement is airing to ensure that your paid search advertisements are in a higher position on the SERP when the TV audience is most likely to be searching for you and make it easier for interested TV customers to find you without delay.

When optimizing paid search for TV advertising, bear the above ideas in mind and success in this area will not be too far away. Please contact Webrageous if you’d like us to help you get started advertising on TV with Google. The cost can be much lower than if you work with a traditional advertising firm, and much more targeted as you can choose exactly the programs you want instead of being bullied into purchasing remnant advertising or a package that doesn’t fit your needs.