Google Ads  Advertising Tips for Language Schools

What are the benefits for language schools when it comes to Google advertising? What are the best ways of using Google AdWords advertising to market your language school online? How can you use PPC advertising strategies to effectively knock your competitors out of the running and get students to sign up to courses at your school instead of the school offering similar courses just around the corner?

All the basic advice you ever needed to get your language school on the right track and to build up its online reputation via Google Ads advertising are in this article. Language schools can find success via PPC. The only thing needed is a little online advertising knowhow and a few weeks of patient and diligent focus.

1. Language Schools Should Run Both Online Marketing Display and Search Campaigns
Language schools need to do two main things via online advertising. They need to strengthen their brand image and they need to encourage more students to sign up to their courses. PPC Advertising is the perfect answer to both of these online advertising needs via the campaigns that can be run on the Google Paid Search Network and Google Display Network.

Paid search campaigns will help drive traffic to your language school’s website and will help to find new students for the courses that you offer. Google display campaigns will help to get your name out there by publishing adverts on other websites so that potential students see your advertisements (which can include images and videos too) when researching into material related to language learning.

2. Language Schools Should Invest in Google AdWords Remarketing
Google AdWords offers a particularly effective form of PPC Advertising thanks to its remarketing campaign strategies. Remarketing is not available on PPC networks, like Bing for example, and this is why Google AdWords remains the most popular network for PPC Advertising in most countries.

Essentially a remarketing campaign allows you to target Internet users who have already visited your language school site at some point during the past 90 days. By marketing to this group of online users (by RE marketing to them), you can be sure that you are already sending positive advertising vibes about your language school to people who have already shown an interest in what you have to offer.

In all walks of life, people need a little push every now and then to get them to commit to something. The same happens in online marketing. Google AdWords Remarketing Campaigns provide that extra nudge necessary to get people to return to your site and finish signing up to the language program that they were so close to signing up to only a few days beforehand.

3. Language Schools Should Manage Global PPC Campaigns
Global PPC Campaigns are essential online marketing strategies for all language schools to implement. If your language school is advertising English classes to foreign students there is little point in directing potential students with basic levels of English to language pages written in English.

For best results, your language school needs to develop PPC-only landing pages in a variety of languages which correspond to the foreign language speakers you happen to be targeting.

Final thoughts
Naturally, there are many other ways in which PPC Advertising can be useful to language schools and lots of marketing firms that can help you implement new ideas. Building up an online reputation to outsmart competitors is essential, but the above tips are the perfect way to begin rethinking your online marketing strategies in the first instance at least.