How to Optimize Google AdWords PPC Campaigns to the Maximum

Without a doubt, one of the best ways of optimizing a Google AdWords PPC Campaign, either on the search or via the content network, is to make use of the various free tools offered by Google AdWords specifically designed for PPC Optimization.

Therefore, without further delay, take a look at the following list, full of information about the various FREE Google AdWords Optimization Tools, what they can do for your campaign and how to make the best use of them.

PPC Campaign Reporting and Optimization

For PPC Campaign Reporting and Optimization, the two most useful tools to have in place are the AdWords Conversion Tracking tool and the Conversion Optimizer Tool.

The AdWords Conversion Tracking tool enables the PPC Advertiser to measure conversion data in order to gage a clearer idea about what the actual ROI is for that particular campaign.

The Conversion Optimizer tool then takes AdWords Optimization to the next level. This tool helps to increase conversions whilst decreasing CPA.

When the two tools are combined in practice, the PPC Manager can begin to decide which websites they should bid more for (on the Content Network) or which keywords they should bid more for too (on the Search Network).

Website Analytics and Optimization

In terms of Website Analytics and Optimization, Google Analytics is a FREE Google AdWords tool that every single PPC Manager should be using and that every single PPC Advertiser should be aware of.

The Google Analytics tool enables the PPC Manager to measure and analyze internet user behavior on the website that they are promoting. This kind of analysis is essential to PPC Management success. An analysis of conversion rate and nothing else is not going to achieve the PPC Advertising goals of any campaign. Analysis needs to go much deeper than this kind of surface level data.

What is really useful about the Google Analytics tool is that you can also import all of the data that it generates into the Conversion Tracking tool too. In this way both tools are sharing the same information. This makes analysis a whole lot easier and a whole lot more accurate.

Couple the Google Analytics tool with the Website Optimizer tool and then PPC Optimization for any given campaign will really be on the route towards ultimate success. The Website Optimizer tool enables the PPC Manager to show the internet user a number of different versions of particular pages on a website, or different elements of a website page.

By showing different pages or different page elements, the effectiveness of different pages can be tested and conclusions can be drawn. The website pages that make internet users convert the most can be sought out and put in place. Those page designs that fail can be deleted and never used again.

Campaign Insights

Finally, a recently launched tool by Google AdWords is the cherry on the cake in terms of PPC Optimization success. The tool, called Campaign Insights, measures the impact of a PPC Campaign above and beyond that of clicks and conversions.

Campaign Insights compares the information gathered from thousands of internet visitors. It compares the data and activity between those who see a particular campaign advertisement and those who do not. In this way, the PPC Manager can really be sure what kind of effect a particular advertisement is having on internet users as a whole and can make a decision as to whether to continue working with this advertisement in its current form or not.

In short, with the amount of optimization tools available, Google AdWords is literally shouting from the roof tops that the best way of improving PPC Management is to begin utilizing the huge number of optimization tools available FREE on the Internet today.