Whether you are facing click fraud, high cost per conversion, declining profitability from ppc, difficulty in managing global campaigns or whatever issue you have with your ppc account we are ready to help you to achieve best results. Most of the clients come to us complaining that their ppc campaigns are not profitable and we help them in making it profitable.

We have been dealing with challenging accounts from long time and our success rate is really good. One of our challenging account target 30 countries and 20 languages with thousands of products.

At Webrageous we have world’s best ppc experts and on average our account managers have 5 years of experience and we have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. We also offer 60 days free trial to some clients on invitation basis and also there is no long term contract. 85% of our clients have been working with us for more than 3 years. Check out the testimonials (Link to testimonials page) of some of our clients yourself.

International and Foreign Language PPC:
Working on international ppc accounts is a challenging task especially if you are not targeting English speaking countries. Different countries have different Adwords policy and you have to take care of those policies when writing an ad in foreign language. This is where we can help you with; we are experts in managing foreign language ppc accounts. We have team of foreign account managers who can take care of your foreign language campaigns carefully. We are already managing accounts in different countries including Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Finland, Netherland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Russia, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Middle East and many other popular countries in the world. And our clients are getting amazing results from these countries.

Dealing with Click Fraud:
Since PPC is getting expensive the click fraud is also increasing. The click fraud can cost you a lot of money and you get nothing in return. Click fraud is when your ad start receiving clicks from bots or your competitors click on your ads so that it cost you a lot. Google do have an internal algorithm to detect click fraud and they return you the money against those useless clicks but sometimes even Google algorithm can’t find out about it because spammers use different ip’s and clients complains that they are not seeing good ROI.

We are experts in dealing with click fraud. We monitor the log files carefully and find out the suspicious ip address and block them. We review the log file every week and keep blocking them this way they won’t see your ads anymore and they won’t be able to click on it. This way you get only quality traffic and amazing results.

High Cost per Conversion or Profitability Declining:
If you are facing declining profitability from your ppc campaigns due to high cost per conversion than we can help you in decreasing cost per conversion which ultimately lead to more profit. We have helped a lot of our clients in bringing down the cost per conversion. Have a look at the below screenshot and see how much we drop the cost per conversion for this client.

Bring down the cost per conversion from $71.15 to $41.91 and conversion rate increased from 3.86% to 5.97%

So for a single conversion they save $29.24 and for every 200 conversion they simply save $5,848 in a single month which leads to more profit from PPC.

Common reasons why you have high cost per conversion:

  • Not targeting the Right Keywords that are profitable for your business.
  • Targeting a lot of broad keywords and not monitoring for what search terms your ads are showing up.
  • Not adding Negative keywords
  • Having a very bad landing page that irritates users and provides less information to user and then they leave.
  • Having poorly written ads and not using ad extensions.
  • Having too many keywords with low quality score.

And many other issues that your account can have. We can perform an audit of your account to provide you a detailed report on what are the issues and how we can help you improve it. You can either fill out the form below or call us directly at 800-645-9521