Google Instant is a new feature on the Google SERP designed to speed up the process of searching by about 2 – 5 seconds and to give the internet searcher more information as they type.

In order to understand the feature in more depth, Webrageous Studios has compiled the following article or checklist. The interest in Google Instant has been so high during the month of September 2010 that it seemed imperative to analyze all the areas of interest in the new Google feature in one go.

If anything remains unclear about Google Instant after reading the following sections, contact Webrageous Studios directly. However, we believe the following areas cover everything that anyone would need to know about Google Instant in just the right amount of detail.


What is Google Instant?

When an internet user begins to type in the Google search box, possible keyword searches appear in a drop down box below the search box and advertisements / search links begin to appear automatically at the same time.

These search results and PPC advertisements change automatically as the internet user types in more information into the Google search box. In this way, the internet user is constantly receiving guidance concerning their search inquiry. They are also receiving possible search results immediately, which Google says helps to speed up search time between a further 2 – 5 seconds.

Is Google Instant Available to Everybody in Every Place?
Google Instant is not yet available to everyone, everywhere. It is available to:

  • All searchers in the US
  • All US searchers who are logged into a Google Account but who happen to be outside of the US
  • Some Google domains in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia when they are using certain internet browsers
  • Some users when they access the feature here

Google Instant is NOT available from:

  • the Google Toolbar
  • iGoogle
  • other places that access a Google search
  • if you are using Google SSL search

Can I disable Google Instant?

There are TWO ways of disabling Google Instant:

There is a small Google Instant link to the right of the search box on the SERP. You can toggle between ON and OFF.
On your Search Preferences page, there is an option at the bottom of the page for Google Instant which allows you to switch the feature ON or OFF.

How does Google Instant Work?
Google Instant is:

  • Localized
  • Personalized
  • Filtered for “safe” content

This means that as the internet user types into the SERP, suggested search queries are based on the geographical position of the internet user and their past search habits. Any search result that they have clicked on before is likely to be represented to them if the same search inquiry is used because Google knows that the user has already shown an interest in that particular link or PPC advertisement.

In addition, if you enter a search term that begins with a word like “nude,” even if you intend to then look for something like “nude lipstick,” which is entirely innocent, Google will NOT present ANY results. The internet user ill instead have to manually click the search button like an ordinary search without the aid of Google Instant.

Google wants us to keep those search results nice and clean, please!

Is SEO or Google Rankings affected by Google Instant?

Now to the important stuff…

Will Google Rankings be affected by this Google Instant feature? If Webrageous Studios were to hazard an informed guess, the answer would be…

Probably not!

Human beings are still human beings and they still search in the same way. In fact, if you optimize your keywords really well, Google Instant should help to put you in a better ranking position because the search terms that users are using in their queries will bring up your advertisement or search result with more accuracy.

How Does Google Instant affect my PPC Advertisements?

Perhaps you have been worrying about how Google will be organizing the recording of your PPC Advertisement Impressions, considering that your advertisement might be shown as the internet user types, but without the internet user actually deciding to select the relevant search query for that SERP page display. Therefore, let us put your minds at rest with regards to this area too:

PPC Advertisement Impressions will only be recognized by Google in the following three situations:

  • the internet user clicks anywhere on the actual SERP page after typing a search inquiry
  • the internet user selects one of the “predicted queries” offered to them by Google Instant
  • the internet user stops typing for more than three seconds

For more information about Google Instant if you are still concerned about some issues that perhaps have not been covered in this article, why not try the AdWords Help Page?

If that seems all too daunting and you are a little confused by the information that you come across, contact Webrageous Studios directly and we will endeavor to help you further.