Successfully Apply for the Google Grants Program with our Help

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you work for an NGO and you are in charge of the online marketing campaign (if there is one) for that NGO. It is also likely that you have heard about the Google Grants Program, but perhaps you are not really very sure what it is, why it will be useful to your NGO and why you might need help trying to get onto the program.

For this reason Webrageous has constructed this brief, but informative, article about the Google Grants Program, why it is useful to you and why you should not attempt to go through the application process alone. The PPC Managers at Webrageous are highly experienced in Google AdWords Advertising and we know what is required from the Google Grants Application Process.

We recommend that you take this opportunity to read this article and find out more about the program and that you then contact one of our PPC Managers in person to find out how Webrageous can lead your NGO towards online advertising success.

1. What is the Google Grants Program?
The Google Grants Program is a scheme created for non-profit organizations. It is a monthly grant of $10,000 that the NGO can freely spend in any way they wish on their PPC Advertising through Google AdWords.

In order to receive the grant the NGO must successfully complete an application process and this is why many NGOs decide to contact experts in Google AdWords, such as Webrageous, for help.

2. Why should NGOs develop an online marketing campaign via Google AdWords and the Google Grants Program?
It is true that NGOs are not in the business of selling, but this does not mean that they should not have an online presence as heavy as any other kind of “business”. In fact, it is essential thanks to our technologically-focused society that all NGOs begin to better manage their websites, their online reputations and the information that can be found about what they do via the Internet.

It is vital that what your NGO does is available for everyone to read online. Online advertising should be an essential part of your NGOs marketing strategy so that you can share what your organization does to better effect and as quickly as possible.

Google AdWords is one of the best forms of online advertising that exists because it has a huge online reach, there are lots of tools to help you improve and measure your online marketing efforts and there are lots of Google AdWords specialists, like the PPC Managers who work for Webrageous, who are ready and able to help you achieve success via online marketing.

If Google AdWords is such an effective online marketing source, and if Google AdWords is offering a monthly $10,000 grant to all NGOs who successfully pass through the application process, there is NO reason for any NGO to not want to be a part of this scheme.

What’s more, NGOs on the Google Grants Program used to have to manage their PPC Campaigns on their own without any outside help at all. This is now not the case. Now, if your NGO so desires, it can have a PPC Expert from Webrageous manage the PPC Campaigns for you, which is yet another reason to sign up to the program.

3. Why choose Webrageous as the PPC Management Company to support you through the Google Grants Applications Process?
NGOs are incredibly busy places and normally highly understaffed. Running your own PPC Campaign might not be possible and developing an application for the Google Grants Program is also likely to be a difficult task because of the time that it will take away from other important matters.

However, if you are able to take advantage of a monthly $10,000 marketing budget, you really mustn’t ignore it. This is why you need to hire the PPC Managers at Webrageous to help with the Google Grants Application Process and to run your PPC Advertising Campaign once we have been successful with your application.

Webrageous is a PPC Management Company with lots of experience in Google Grants Applications and even more experience in Google AdWords Advertising Management.

For example, in the past two weeks alone, Webrageous has made substantial progress with one particular NGO advertising campaign. Our PPC Managers have been able to support our non-profit client with its present focus, as it is trying to increase its monthly Google Grant from $10,000 to $40,000. (Sorry as of 2017 the Grants Pro program has been cancelled so you can’t increase your grant to $40,000 per month).

This monthly increase is an option that exists for all non-profits once they are already successfully part of the program. When Webrageous is successful with the process, it will mean even further publicity for the NGO in question. We know that our work is worth every minute.

Contact Webrageous as quickly as possible to discuss the needs of your NGO and the possibility of applying for the Google Grants Program without further delay. Your projects are helping others. Let Webrageous help you promote what you do every day with success.

We are looking forward to being able to help you in your cause soon.