How To Pass The Google AdWords Exams

When taking the Google AdWords Exams was first mentioned to me, I was suddenly inclined to lock myself in a dark room, sit in the corner and rock back and forth until all the bad things went away. Nightmares of my high school exams came flooding back.

Despite this completely irrational but justified fear, I took not just one but four Google AdWords Exams. As a newcomer to Pay Google AdWords Qualified ExamsPer Click Advertising, and as a new Webrageous Studios employee I was required to learn everything there is to know about Google AdWords and become Google AdWords Qualified.

Now that the nightmares of actually sitting the Google AdWords Exams are long behind me I can honestly say that it was an incredibly rewarding experience.

However, it was no easy feat. Here is a look at just what a Webrageous Studios employee has to go through to pass the Google AdWords Exams and get Google AdWords Qualified:

1. Read all of the material.

Webrageous Studios employees must read every single bit of material provided in the Google AdWords Learning Center from start to finish. We are given a couple of weeks to read all of the material, then read it again. We then constantly review this material in between taking the advanced exams.

While it requires days of reading to get through all of this material, it is incredibly important. It doesn’t matter how familiar you are with Google AdWords, this doesn’t prepare you for some of the random questions that are included in the Google AdWords Exams and constant new developments by Google AdWords. It is important to keep familiar with this material, even after becoming Google AdWords Qualified, and Webrageous Studios employees are constantly kept up to date.

2. Read the links and watch the videos.

On top of the reading material provided in the Google AdWords Learning Center, there are also links and videos provided throughout. Webrageous Studios employees watch every video and click on every link to make sure they pass the Google AdWords Exams and know everything there is to know about Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Advertising.

3. Read the Guidelines and Best Practices. Best Practices are a crucial part of the Google AdWords system and therefore are represented heavily in the Google AdWords Exams. Webrageous Studios employees make sure they read all the Guidelines and Best Practices for advertisements.

4. Write clear notes and have the required knowledge.

Once you start one of the Google AdWords Exams the computer screen is locked. So you must not only make clear and detailed notes but also have all the knowledge required to become Google AdWords Qualified. The exams are long and difficult so unless you have a photographic memory, it is important to have some notes in front of you.

However, when using any secondary material, it can take a few minutes to look up an answer. Therefore, it is incredibly important for Webrageous Studios employees to have the knowledge required to quickly answer questions without having to look them up.

5. Be able to time manage.

Depending on the exam, you are given two or three hours to complete around 120 questions. It is incredibly important in the Google AdWords Exams not to run out of time. To become Google AdWords Qualified you must be able to use your time effectively and have the knowledge to be able to answer quickly. Being a Webrageous Studios employee means being able to think on your feet. Becoming Google AdWords Qualified is a great first step in proving this ability and commitment to what is a challenging and constantly developing industry.

6. Read each question carefully.

Some of the questions in the Google AdWords Exams provide options that appear very similar. There are always subtle clues within the question that make it obvious why it is NOT the answer.

As a Webrageous Studios employee it is important to not only have read all the material in the Google AdWords Learning Center but also have the ability to not get distracted when reading the questions and have the insight to be able to pick up on these clues.

7. Use common sense.

Passing the Google AdWords Exams is not designed to be easy. Even after all the reading and preparations, there are some questions that still have you really stumped and there doesn’t seem to be anything related in your notes. In these cases it is important for Webrageous Studios employees to have the commonsense to carefully read over the question again and choose the answer that seems most obvious from everything they have read while studying to become Google AdWords Qualified.

Remember, the Google AdWords Exams require high pass rates – to pass the Fundamentals Exam a score of at least 85% is required. So having the ability to follow all these steps is a crucial part of becoming a Google AdWords Qualified Webrageous Studios employee and a successful Pay Per Click Manager.

One of the greatest things about becoming a Webrageous Studios employee is that you are given the time needed to learn everything there is to know about Pay Per Click Advertising and Google AdWords. That is why with Webrageous Studios you will always be guaranteed the best possibly Pay Per Click Advertising advice and management from Qualified Google AdWords Experts.

For more information on Google AdWords, contact Webrageous Studios, an expert in all things related to Google AdWords.