The Google AdWords Pay Per Click Oscars

“The King’s Speech,” and Colin Firth might well be the talk of the Oscars’ Town in Hollywood, but the Google AdWords Pay Per Click Oscars are by far more exciting if you are an Internet junkie or an online marketing maverick.

Which Pay Per Click Tool is going to be the Google AdWords Red Carpet Queen? Which Pay Per Click Resource is going to steal the marketing limelight and leave all other Features open-mouthed in the background wishing that they could be the ones that everyone seems to be talking about?

Webrageous Studios, after lots of research and lots of expert opinion from experienced Pay Per Click Managers and Advertisers alike, is proud to present the results of the Pay Per Click Google AdWords Oscars. Let’s celebrate our world of Pay Per Click and let this world shine as bright as it can.

The following four awards are up for grabs in this year’s Google AdWords Pay Per Click Oscars:

The Best Resource for Conversion Increase
The Best Pay Per Click Tool/Feature from Google AdWords
The Best Pay Per Click Feature offered by Webrageous Studios
The Coolest Pay Per Click Resource

…but which of these Pay Per Click wonders are going to go home with the prize? Which are going to steal that Pay Per Click Oscar Number One Spot?

Read on and find out!

And the Oscar for “The Best Resource for Conversion Increase”…
Nominations:   Google Analytics
ACE Tool
Writing Good Advertisement Text Tips
Landing Page Optimization Tips

…goes to:

ACE Tool
The best thing about the ACE Tool is that it is easy to use. Take a look at Webrageous Studios’ short post on how to get the best out of the ACE tool for conversion increase before you continue.

And the Oscar for “The Best Pay Per Click Tool/Feature from Google AdWords”…
Nominations:   Estimated Bid Simulator Tool
Ad Extensions
Google Remarketing
Click to Call Advertisements

…goes to:

Click to Call Advertisements
In today’s mobile internet world, the Click to Call Advertisement is one of the best features to come out of the Google AdWords creation room in the past year. The mobile internet audience is expanding daily and people still like to talk to a real person at the end of a telephone, particularly with specific products or services including legal services, for instance.

Therefore, using the Click to Call feature can help you to encourage the mobile audience to call whilst out and about. You can play on the human impulsive nature a little and make it even easier for your target audience to get in touch with you and your company.

And the Oscar for “The Best Pay Per Click Feature offered by Webrageous Studios”…
Nominations:   Call Tracking Feature
Free Website for Pay Per Click Law Firm Clients
Google AdWords Personal Representative
Google AdWords Qualified PPC Managers

…goes to:

And the Oscar for “The Coolest Pay Per Click Resource”…
Nominations:   Google AdWords Youtube Channel
Google AdWords Blog
Webrageous Studios Call Tracking Feature

…goes to:

Google AdWords Youtube Channel
Everyone likes moving image. Everyone likes to see and listen to something more than they like to read about it. It is easier to take in the information, it’s more fun to be exposed to the information on a regular basis and it’s easy to find the information whenever you need it most. The information on the Google AdWords Youtube Channel is easy to get to and always available.