Find a Google AdWords Expert 

If you’re looking for a Google AdWords Expert, the best kind of help that someone could give you would be a simple “how-to” article, full of basic tips and information about the kind of things you should look out for in your search.

So that is what we are giving you in this article.
After doing our own research on the Internet, it became blatantly obvious that most of the information on the Internet about Google AdWords Experts, where to find them and what qualities to look for, is fairly useless and disappointing.

But not any more!

This article explains, in plain and simple terms, what makes Webrageous Studios the highly successful Expert that it is. If you know what makes Webrageous successful as an AdWords Expert, then you can use that knowledge as a base from which to measure the potential skills of other experts available who also work in this field.

This will then help you to make an informed decision about who you would like your Google AdWords Expert to be and you can start moving your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign on to new and better heights. Read on and feel enlightened.

Webrageous Studios is the some of the best Google AdWords Experts because…

1. We are Google AdWords Certified

All of our expert pay per click managers are Google AdWords Qualified and this helps us to maintain excellence across the board at all times within the company.

Everyone who works for Webrageous Studios has passed the AdWords Exam to achieve certification status and this ensures that the service we offer to all our pay per click clients is one of the highest quality possible.

If you are looking for someone to run your campaigns for you, we suggest that you look for experts who advertise the fact that they are completely qualified in their roles.

2. We are Fully Trained in SEO/SEM, Not Just Pay Per Click

Even though Webrageous is an expert in Google AdWords, it doesn’t stop us from developing our skills in natural search engine optimization (SEO) too.

We believe that in order to be an effective expert in Google AdWords, you need to be an expert in SEO too. It is true that the things you need to do to get your pay per click advertisements on the first page of the SERP are not the same as what you do to get search engines to list your website’s content naturally.

But a really good expert in Google AdWords will already know that having a deep understanding of both SEO and PPC can put you a step ahead of your competitors at all times. Contact Webrageous for more information about this and we will be happy to explain the reasons why to you in more depth.

3. We are Experienced in Web Design

Webrageous Studios first began as a Web Design Company and we still put our web design skills into practice today.

These skills allow us to make expert changes to landing pages and website designs in order to better optimize any advertising campaign we are asked to manage. Google demands excellence from its advertisers to ensure that its users are given the best in internet search possible.

It is for this reason that our broad understanding of online advertising (stretching from web design, through to SEO and Pay Per Click) makes us top of the list for Google AdWords expertise.

4. We Write Superb Advertisement Text

Sometimes, the key to unlocking the power of a pay per click advertising campaign comes down to creativity with keywords and advertisement text.

In order to be the top expert in AdWords Advertising, Webrageous places a great deal of emphasis in the development of innovative advertisement text. Our detailed attention means that our services as a Google AdWords Expert always generate lots of success for our clients.

5. We Offer a Personalized Management Service

Webrageous Studios prides itself on being a relatively small pay per click management company as we believe that it helps us to offer a personalized service and to ensure that every single advertiser that we work with stands out from the crowd and gets lots of attention.

Google AdWords Experts should, in our eyes, be dedicated thoroughly to their advertising clients. Webrageous finds that the best way of ensuring excellence in pay per click management is to offer a personalized service. No business is the same and no advertising campaign should be the same either.

6. We Have Access to our own Google AdWords Personal Representative

Webrageous has developed a very good relationship with Google and this has helped us to provide our successful services in Google AdWords Management over the years.

Every single time we need confirmation from Google about something related to one of our pay per click campaigns, the information is at the end of a personal telephone line. This special relationship with Google is what allows us to provide even further expert help and advice in our role as Google AdWords Manager.

The six elements highlighted above should be prerequisites for all Google AdWords Experts in our eyes. Anyone who cannot live up to these expectations doesn’t really have the expertise necessary to manage pay per click campaigns as they should be managed.

Contact Webrageous today for more information about how we could become your personal Google AdWords Expert and take your online advertising campaign to new heights.