60 day free trial of AdWords PPC managementThere are many situations where what is mistaken as Google AdWords click fraud is exactly just the result of poor pay per click management, as we explained in this blog.

There are many ways you can go about trying to prevent Google AdWords click fraud but when it comes to poor pay per click management there is really just one way that is guaranteed to work. You need to outsource management of your pay per click campaigns to an expert in the field. If you find someone who is also highly experienced in preventing and monitoring for Google AdWords click fraud then you can kill two birds with one stone.

There is one pay per click management company that has years of experience managing pay per click campaigns and preventing Google AdWords click fraud from having any impact on their accounts. Webrageous will also be able to explain why what is often labeled as Google AdWords click fraud is in fact just poor pay per click management.

Here are some of the ways that Webrageous can help your company improve your Google AdWords campaigns while also stopping click fraud at the same time:

By optimizing your pay per click campaigns you might find that the “Google AdWords click fraud” miraculously disappears

The truth about Google AdWords click fraud is that it is actually very rare. However, advertisers continue to blame increases in clicks and decreases in conversions to click fraud on Google AdWords. In fact, what is usually the case is that the Google AdWords campaigns are being poorly managed, perhaps by someone within your company who has very little experience in pay per click management.

Some people might manage your Google AdWords campaign very well, which is why so many people click on your advertisement, but overlook key parts of a campaign such as the relevance and quality of your landing pages and usability of your website. If any of these aspects are below par they will cause potential customers to click away from your site without making a conversion. This could be a good explanation for why you see a spike in clicks and cost per conversion, which you may have attributed to Google AdWords click fraud.

Managing a Google AdWords campaign is complicated, which is why it always pays to have an expert managing your accounts. If it were that easy, everyone would be achieving leaps and bounds on Google AdWords. The Google AdWords management specialists at Webrageous are all fully trained in Google AdWords and have 10 years’ experience managing clients’ Google AdWords accounts and preventing click fraud.

After outsourcing management of your Google AdWords campaigns to Webrageous, you will very likely find out that the so-called “Google AdWords click fraud” disappears. This is because spikes in clicks and in cost per conversion are not always indicators of click fraud. A Google AdWords manager from Webrageous will carefully monitor your accounts and utilize reporting tools. In this way they will be able to see what the likely contributors are to the change. If it does turn out to be Google AdWords click fraud then we will be able to put a stop to it immediately and prevent it from continuing to happen. Or if it is attributable to any underperforming part of your campaign then we will make sure that this is immediately improved as well.

If you do experience Google AdWords click fraud then we can help get your money back

Google is constantly on the lookout for Google AdWords click fraud. They have highly sophisticated tools that scan the search engine looking for automated scripts imitating potential buyers clicking on advertisements. If they do discover Google AdWords click fraud then Google will make sure you are reimbursed for those fraudulent clicks.

However, what can sometimes happen is that small publishers physically click on your advertisement in order to boost their advertising revenue from their websites. While this is usually seen on a much smaller scale it is also a form of Google AdWords click fraud. This can be much more difficult for a search engine as large as Google to detect.

By outsourcing Google AdWords management to Webrageous, we will be able to pick up on those smaller increases in clicks and work out if they are coming from the one source, geographical location or IP address. We will then be able to help put a stop to that Google AdWords click fraud and report the fraudulent clicks to the authorities. Furthermore, Webrageous has had great success in claiming back money for our clients for this type of Google AdWords click fraud. So even if you are unlucky enough to experience Google AdWords click fraud we can help you try to claim back whatever money you lost.

We employ a number of techniques to prevent Google AdWords click fraud

Webrageous has a number of simple tricks up its sleeves in order to help you prevent Google AdWords click fraud from happening. If you are particularly concerned about Google AdWords click fraud then these techniques will help put your mind at rest.

If you have noticed that some people have filled out your online contact form with bogus information then this could be a sign of Google AdWords click fraud. What might happen is someone might click on your advertisement and then fill out the form in order to disguise the click fraud. The way to stop this from happening is to install an anti-spam measure on the contact form, such as a captcha. This will stop robots from filling in the form.

Webrageous also recommends installing IP address tracking software in order to stop some forms of Google AdWords click fraud. We can recommend some particularly good software programs that track the IP addresses of everyone who visits your website. What the software then does is it blocks frequent visitors to your website from seeing your advertisements. This is a very good measure to take to stop Google AdWords click fraud as while it does not stop people from visiting your site, it does stop them from repeatedly clicking on your advertisement, wasting your advertising money when they are already high users of your site. If click fraud was involved by the frequent visitors to your site, then this measure will stop them from being able to click on your advertisements.

With help from Webrageous, Google AdWords click fraud will be a thing of the past

While Google AdWords click fraud is much more infrequent than many people believe, with the pay per click management experts from Webrageous we will make sure that click fraud never has an impact on your Google AdWords account.

At Webrageous, we constantly monitor your Google AdWords campaigns and look for any changes. Even if you were to never experience Google AdWords click fraud, a Google AdWords management expert will ensure that your campaigns perform as best they can. We are always looking for improvements on your campaigns and no matter how long you have been with us we will find new ways to boost your advertising success on Google AdWords.

More importantly, with Webrageous you can be completely at ease knowing that your Google AdWords accounts are being looked after and that you are not going to be affected by Google AdWords click fraud. This will allow you to stop worrying about your Google AdWords campaigns and click fraud and get on with improving your business on the ground. With Webrageous, your online advertising is completely taken care of.

To sign up for Google AdWords management with Webrageous give us a call now. We will happily provide you with a free quote. We will also be able to answer any further questions you might have about Google AdWords click fraud and how to prevent it from having an impact on your Google AdWords account. Please fill out our contact form or call us at the phone number found at the top of this page.