5 Google AdWords Bidding Management Steps

For the purposes of this article, let’s assume that you are focusing on conversions from new clients. You are looking to build up your client base and build your business further. If you assume that this is the current goal for your Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaign, then Webrageous Studios can walk you through the following five Bidding Management Tips towards online advertising success.

It is important to make sure we all understand that the focus of this hypothetical Pay Per Click Campaign is in fact to increase client base because if it were to improve and strengthen the existing client base and get previous converters to convert again,Webrageous Studios would need you to be focusing on collecting different data from the start.

Therefore, now that we are all clear on the matter and that it is fully understood that the following Bidding Management advice is based on the idea that a Pay Per Click Advertiser is looking to expand client base through conversions, Webrageous Studios presents you with five solid pieces of advice to get your Google AdWords Bidding off to a flying start.

Establish Goals and Measures of Success
For the purposes of this article Webrageous Studios has already explained that the goal of this hypothetical Campaign is to increase client base. However other goals need to be established before beginning to bid if you wish to be able to measure your success.

Webrageous Studios wants to make sure that it is absolutely crystal clear that ways of measuring success should be put in place before any bidding occurs on a Campaign because a bidding approach without success measurements can be an extremely costly and useless one. Therefore, consider the following to get you on your way:

  • What is the goal of driving traffic to this site? (Webrageous Studios has outlined new clients and an increase in client base)
  • What action(s) confirm that a visit has been successful?
  • What is the value of this action(s) on your business overall?
  • What fraction of that value are you willing to spend on Pay Per Click Advertising?
  • Do you have an unlimited advertising budget for successful actions; for conversions? How much are you willing to pay to support/achieve your advertising success online?

How Much Are You Willing to Risk?
Once you have answered the questions above, Webrageous Studios suggests that you then decide how much money you are willing to risk in the early stages of Google AdWords Bidding Management with a new  Campaign.

What Webrageous Studios means by this is how daring are you? How daring will your advertising budget allow you to be? (which is perhaps a better question!)

Essentially there are two extremes to Bidding Management that Webrageous Studios is able to present to you. The first is to go all out on a few select keywords and put as much money into the campaign as is needed in order to be at the top of the Google Paid Search Listings every single time someone searches for that keyword. This approach means that more people are likely to click on your advertisements and that you’ll gather a large amount of useful data in a short space of time.

This approach is a costly one, but it is the fastest way of generating the data that is needed to be able to make informed judgements about the account in record time. Changes can then be made as needed. The question that Webrageous Studios poses to you now though is whether or not you have enough money to initially outlay for such an approach?

The second approach to Bid Management outlined by Webrageous Studios is to make a huge list of all the keywords and bid reservedly on each, but this takes a long, long time to generate the data you need to optimize your campaign properly. Do you have this time to spare?

Naturally, Webrageous Studios reminds you that there is also plenty of scope in between the two extremes for you to consider.

Make Some Estimates of Success
Making estimates in Pay Per Click Advertising is something that Webrageous Studios suggests you always do. Whatever area of ppc you are looking into, always make sure that you come up with estimates. It will help you to see how good your judgements are before you try something out and help you to realize what you have a good understanding of and what you have no idea about at all.

However, Webrageous Studios also states that it is imperative that the estimates you make are taken from good proxies. For example, if you take a look at the conversion data from your website as a proxy for making estimates in this particular case, the data that you gather is not going to be accurate. The people who convert on your website are already aware of your brand. They know you and they convert with you for different reasons.

As explained before, Webrageous Studios is writing this article based on the idea that you are aiming to increase your client base; to generate new clients. Therefore, using website conversion data is no good. However, beginning with conversion data gathered from Organic Search Users could be a much better proxy to use. This way you can see which people, who don’t have a connection to your company, have converted in the past. This can help to make predictions about the future.

Webrageous Studios further suggests that you analyze the conversions that have been the direct result of Organic Search Results which have included your brand name too. The more you can qualify and identify the data that you gather, the more useful Webrageous Studios believes this data will be to you in terms of Bidding Management.

Necessary Tracking and Reporting Tools
Never attempt Bidding Management via Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising without the use of tracking and reporting tools. Webrageous Studios wants to remind you that unless you track and evaluate the activity surrounding your advertising bids, it will be impossible to make your bidding techniques and strategies work for you.

Google Analytics is free and very effective. Use it.

The Conversion Tracking Tool for Google AdWords is essential and provides a lot of information to help you qualify your data and optimize your bidding. Use it.

Monitor and Evaluate and Monitor and Evaluate Again!
The most important piece of information that Webrageous Studios is able to share with its readers today is the fact that Bidding Management is never done. You have never come to the end of bidding management with any account, no matter how well it is doing.

Webrageous Studios wants to remind you of the importance of tracking and monitoring and evaluating. Look at those conversions, analyse that data, keep on top of keywords and which ones are creating clicks but not converting and which are losing your company a lot of time and money.

Webrageous Studios recommends that you create yourself a daily system whereby you log on to your account and check what is happening in the world of Bidding Management before you even think about doing anything else.

If you have any more questions for Webrageous Studios on Bidding Management, contact us today and ask our fully qualified Google AdWords Pay Per Click Managers directly. Google AdWords Bidding Management is technical and there are many things to consider, but Webrageous Studios is an expert in the area. Listen to our advice and learn to make a success out of your bidding efforts from today.