Conversions are the bread and butter of successful PPC Advertising and any PPC Manager who is unable to optimize their PPC Campaign in order to encourage more conversions needs to spend time learning how to do so and fast.

Therefore, the following ideas are ways in which PPC Managers in need of conversion advice can receive some of what they are looking for without stress. The following four conversion advice ideas are so easy to implement that any PPC conversion issues you have been experiencing should be a thing of the past without too much trouble at all.

Conversion Advice 1: Transparency and Affability
Email someone in the industry who knows a lot about conversion optimization. You would be surprised how helpful people can be, even people that are already extremely busy, if you simply ask for a little bit of PPC Management advice without trying to hide your motives.

If you send an email with cloaked requests for help, you are less likely to get what you want than if you send an email to some of the conversion optimizing big guns, including Stephen Pavlovich, directly asking something like, “How can I improve the conversion rate on this website?”

Give it a try.

Conversion Advice 2: Ninjabutton
Ninjabutton is a cool tool for a PPC Manager looking for ways to improve his or her conversion rate on a given website. The tool specifically looks at the buttons on your website and how they affect the conversion rate of the site. The tool also allows you to make some really attractive buttons for your website as a way of encouraging internet users to click.

Using Ninjabutton is another easy way of noticing problems on a website that hinder conversions. The tool is free for the first 30 days and so you can use this period to test the effects on your PPC Campaign before deciding whether to invest a little money in a subscription to Ninjabutton for the future.

Conversion Advice 3: Family and Friends
Whether you have realized it or not, your family and your friends can give you some excellent feedback on your website and what might make them want to buy your products or your services more. Friends and family also do this for free… hopefully!

It doesn’t matter if your friends and family have no experience in PPC Management and know nothing about conversions either. In fact, it is probably better if they don’t. You PPC Campaign aims to attract a particular type of the average internet user and therefore friends and family provide the exact specimen of guinea pig that you seek.

Allow friends and family to surf your site and follow your PPC Advertisements to landing pages and tell you in their own words how they feel about buying your product or service. Listen to their feedback and act upon it accordingly to increase conversion rate further.

Conversion Advice 4: Site Reviews
If you ever attend a PPC Management Conference, why not take the time to contact the organizers and speakers of the event beforehand and offer up your site as a model for discussion?

It might be slightly embarrassing having your website enlarged on a big screen in front of hundreds of people while a highly successful professional in the business slowly pulls to pieces all of the things that are not working about your website.

However, on the other hand, it would also be incredibly useful to go through this process. It would be free, invaluable advice directly on the areas of your website that need to be optimized further in order to increase conversion rate. What PPC Manager could ask for more than that?

Be creative and take advantage of these kinds of opportunities whenever you can.