The good Pay Per Click Manager switches the computer on and sets to work. They do a quick glance for major differences that have occurred overnight and monitor the effects of changes that were made during the previous day before doing anything else. There’s an early morning meeting with the other Pay Per Click Team Members and directions/plans for the Pay Per Click Campaigns are discussed amongst the group with focus and professionalism. The good  Manager then returns to his or her desk and begins checking emails to ensure that any mistakes or pressing issues are dealt with immediately.

The bad account manager is not even out of bed yet!

Daily reports about the various Campaigns are sent out to the clients and the rest of the team regarding the present state of the campaign. The CTR of one account has gone sky high over night, but hasn’t produced any conversions. The good account manager spots this and deals with it immediately.

The bad Pay Per Click Account Manager makes himself or herself a nice pot of coffee and sits down to catch the re-run of his / her favorite TV soap before checking what might have changed regarding his / her accounts at all.

More meetings are held about new / potential clients and how best to approach / market the company’s skills in Pay Per Click Management so that new clientele can be found as soon as possible.  One of the newest recruits on the Team still can’t work out how to effectively use Google Analytics in order to analyze and optimize to the max. The good Pay Per Click Manager shows him / her how to use the tool yet again and even though he/  her hopes that this time will be the last time, he / she does their job very well.

The bad Account Manager ignores the fact that his co-worker is having some difficulties and turns his / her attention to the home page of the news website instead.

The good Pay Per Click Manager orders a take out lunch to eat at his / her desk and logs on to some of the most important websites on Pay Per Click and online marketing that exist. He / She tunes into one of the most fantastic Webinar sessions on conversion increase that he / she has ever seen and reads up on a number of different Blogs in order to stay in the know.

The bad Manager has no idea what is happening in the world of Pay Per Click, mainly because he / she only watched the first few seconds of an information video before deciding to catch up on personal email correspondence instead.

The good Pay Per Click Manager takes time out of his / her busy schedule in order to interview possible new recruits and help build the company into an even better Management company than it already is at present.

The bad account manager meets with the potential employee in order to see if this qualified person is up for the job, but spends the entire time moaning about the fact as a temp the company doesn’t offer neither life nor health insurance like so many other jobs in the city.

The good Pay Per Click Manager starts to run a new idea on a campaign in order to optimize the quality and effectiveness of that campaign at an early stage..

The bad Pay Per Click Manager analyzes nothing. He / She believes that analysis and optimization is a waste of time.

An existing and confused Client makes a telephone call to the good Pay Per Click Manager and highlights a worry that he / she has with the campaign. The client wants to know why geo-targeting is being used so heavily when it hadn’t been discussed in the previous meeting. The good Manager has nothing to hide, responds with affirmation and in a very clear way.

The bad Pay Per Click Manager sees the telephone number of his client on his phone and chooses not to answer.

The good Pay Per Click Manager goes back to reviewing mails online and he /she answers as many of the quick ones as possible where the requests are not difficult to comply with. Those that cannot be answered are highlighted with a starred button reserved for another day.

The bad account manager is now only just checking his / her mails from the morning and he / she has missed a huge amount of information, requests and concerns, for example, already. There’s no more time to see to them today now either.

The good account manager begins to wrap up the day, close down accounts and windows on the computer and responds to those more difficult queries which needed more time for thought before a reply could be formulated. A small client contacts him / her and he / she ensures that this issue is dealt with over the phone before he / she even begins to consider leaving the office to go home.

The bad account manager sees who the call is coming in from thanks to the type of display phone that he / she has on his / her desk and does not answer the call. He / she wants to leave on time and nothing is going to stop that at all.

As the good AdWords account manager is traveling home, he / she realizes that he / she forgot to make a very important change to a very important client’s account. But never mind, because the good Pay Per Click Manager is connected to the Internet by phone and therefore he / she logs on to the application that he / she needs and rectifies what could have resulted in a disaster if left for too long.

The bad Pay Per Click Manager doesn’t have a smart phone in order to stay connected. He / she doesn’t think the job merits paying out for this extra service. But it doesn’t matter anyway, because the bad Pay Per Click Manager hasn’t even realized that he / she didn’t fix that final section of the client’s Pay Per Click Account…


Because work is never important enough to begin thinking about either inside or outside of the office.

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