Best Pay Per Click Developments in Google AdWords

Google AdWords offers some of the Best Pay Per Click Services available today because it never stops growing and changing.

Find out about the most recent developments within Google AdWords as proof of the fact that the creative minds behind this Pay Per Click network never, ever stop by reading the rest of this article.

Google Instant Search for Google Places

Best Pay Per Click Developments in Google AdWordsInternet users now have the ability to use the Google Instant Search feature within Google Places and this therefore gives Pay Per Click Advertisers even more opportunities to target their online audiences effectively.
Even though Google Instant doesn’t affect Pay Per Click Advertisements directly, any kind of SEO work that you are doing for your company online in order to support the development of your Pay Per Click Advertising will be improved by this development. It means that you can now optimize further to accurately target the Google Places search audience.

Google is the best advertising space online because it ensures that it provides lots of features and tools to improve the internet searcher’s experience. That is why it is the most popular search engine across the world and that is why any advertiser should be tapping into its power.

Pay Per Click Media Ads: a NEW version of Google AdWords

Google AdWords is not happy with just being the Best Pay Per Click provider for the common advertiser, with companies large and small that market online. Google AdWords is now getting the big guns out and aiming to target the major motion picture market too.
Major motion picture companies will be able to promote their new releases via Google AdWords (Media Ads) by embedding their trailers into their advertisements. The internet user will click on the advertisement and a large lightbox will appear where the trailer can be played out in full, while the rest of the screen is dimmed down.

Google charges a flat fee every time someone clicks on these advertisements but there is no bidding system and no keyword selection involved. Google AdWords doesn’t wait around. Developments are occurring all the time and this is why it offers the Best Pay Per Click.

The good news is… even if you are not a major motion picture company looking to promote your films online, Google will be making this feature available to other advertisers in the near future too. If you want the Best in Pay Per Click, you must advertise through Google AdWords. You never know what wonderful features they are going to develop next and your company could suddenly find that there is a perfect tool for you to utilize that matches your businesses needs and services like a glove.

Changes to Pay Per Click Display URLs

Instead of being able to include a display URL in your Pay Per Click advertisement that looks like the following:

…Pay Per Click Advertisers now must use the following display URL format:

This is because Google is constantly trying to improve internet user experience as well as Pay Per Click Advertiser experience. This is why Google AdWords is the Best in Pay Per Click. Developments may seem small and insignificant, but the researchers at Google no doubt have very good reasons for making these constant small changes.

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