Ad Sitelinks increases CTR by 73%

If you are still not making use of the Ad Sitelinks feature as part of your Google AdWords PPC Campaign, then perhaps some hard data and true stories of success will help to make you realize that you are really missing out on some potentially great ROI and conversion increases.

Google AdWords is proud to announce that in general, all those PPC Advertisers who utilize the power of one extra Ad Sitelink in their campaigns see a 10% increase in CTR. PPC Advertisers who utilize two extra Ad Sitelinks in their campaigns see a 30% increase in CTR and this has been consistent since June 2010.

However, if you are a PPC Manager who is really looking to be impressed before opting into this feature, Nationwide Insurance generated a 73% increase in CTR and a 60% increase in conversions over the course of 90 days.

Naturally, the success of Nationwide Insurance is not necessarily going to be the success of every PPC Advertiser, but the data certainly reveals one thing very clearly: PPC Advertisers who utilize Ad Sitelinks are seeing improvements in their PPC Campaigns that make a notable difference to conversions and ROI.

What is most important to realize is that Ad Sitelinks gives the internet user more control and more options and it is in this added control where a higher CTR and hopefully more conversions can be achieved.